Städelschules Radio Ufff program broadcasted by radio x 91.8 FM

Thursday, July 12:

Friday, July 13:

Logo von radio ufff der städelschule in frankfurt

Ufff functions, as an utterance of jolt and discontent, of exhaustion and relief from tension, it can be an exhibition of bewilderment and sometimes it makes up an empathetic expression of being-actually-not-surprised. It’s a social charm and a word of indifference. The sound of ufff is also the sound of ouf, of fou, of crazy nuts. It likes and likens the sound of fou fou, and of ufo. It’s a compound (sound) of a mind and a fool, an agitator and a preservator, all manifested in the sonic.

In Radio Ufff, we wish to practice the polyphony the title suggests, by bringing together artists across a diverse range of geographies and the amalgamate of knowledge, interest, agitation and technique they embody, into one converted sound studio with sleeping bags. A parliament of divergent sonic experiments in 13 hours transmission awaits its encounter.

The program will be broadcasted live from -fffriedrich, an art space affiliated with Städelschule and located at Alte Mainzer Gasse 4-6, close to Römerberg. Feel free to come by!