von 19 - 21 Uhr
Double Diamond spezial mit Barthelmes  & Zabel
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

Acid Pauli & Die Landlergschwister * Rambling Man
G.G. Allin * I'm a gypsy motherfucker
Ronnie Forte * Nervous Breakdown
Die Kassierer * Ich bin verliebt in Whisky, Bier und Wein
Homer & Jethro * Over The Rainbow
Turbonegro * Denim demon

Brenton Wood * Gimme Little Sign
Wolfgang Ambros * Langsam wochs ma z'amm
Townes Van Zandt* Lungs
The incredible Kidda band * Can I take the car tonight
Arthur Conley * Rome (Wasn't Built In a Day)
Billy Bragg * There is Power in a union

Nine pound hammer * Everybody's drunk
June Carter, Henry "Homer" Haynes & Kenneth Jethro Burns * Country Girl
William E. Whitmore * Healing to do
Drexciya * Species of the Pod
The electric eels * Agitated
The Fortune Bravos * One Stop

Van Dyke Parks * Hominy grove
Orange À Trois * En Vacances
Bob Wayne * Under the bridge
Rocko Schamoni & Mirage * Was kostet die Welt
Leatherface * True Colours
Au Revoir Simone * All Or Nothing

Young Jessie * You Were Meant for Me
Devil dogs * Lost girl
The Handsome Family * Far from Any Road
Ostbahn-Kurti & die Chefpartie * Bertl Braun
Jess Willard * Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
Mike Scott * Hoe, Hoe

Guy Clark * Baton Rouge
Jackie Wilson * Everything's Gonna Be Fine
King Uszniewicz & his Uszniewicztones * Peppermint twist
The Black Angels * Young Men Dead
Jimmy Smith * Theme from 'Any number can win'