von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Bert Kaempfert

Ossie Lane * Higher & Higher

Sunny Domestozs * Get ready
The Vandelles * Swell to heaven
Social Distortion * Ball and Chain
The Jacobites * Into my arms
Misses next match * Ich weiß auch nicht
Knarf Rellöm with the Shi-Sha Shellöm * Little big city

Nicolle Meyer * Nowhere bei mir
Les Robespierres * Esse dia
Sam Taylor * Heaven On Their Minds
Dan Penn & Chuck Prophet * Heavy Duty
Howe Gelb * Get to leave
Scott Walker * Old Man's Back Again

Ween * I don't wanna leave you on the farm
Frank Zappa * Harder than your husband
Commander Cody & his lost planet airmen * Honeysuckle honey
Otis Redding *  Try a Little Tenderness (Live at Monterey Pop Festival)
The Mighty Hannibal * The truth shall make you free
Wilson Pickett * Don't knock my love - Pt. 1

Don Varner * When it's over
Solomon Burke * Soul searchin'
Dry Branch Fire Squad * Bring It on Home To Me
Beat Happening * In love with you thing
Jeremy Jay * Love Everlasting (Winter Version)
Station 17 * FC Ole

Baby you know * Suicide show
American Music Club * Johnny mathis's feet
The perfect disaster * Sooner or later
Fucked Up * Anorak City 
Barracudas * Very last day