Double Diamond & Sophisticated Boom Boom
Kirstin von der Heydt - Ralf Barthelmes & Stefan Conrad

Eli Paperboy Reed * (Doin' the) Boom Boom

Peter Soto * Boom Boom
Rocky Roberts & The Airedales * Buzz Buzz Buzz
Dogs * Shakin' with Linda
Hasil Adkins * She Said
Billy Lee Riley * Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (R.I.P.)
Howlin' Wilf & the Vee-jays * Boom Boom (out go the lights)

The Sunrays * I Live For The Sun
The Barracudas * His last summer
Tito Puente * Hong Kong Mambo
Ann-Margret * The Pleasure Seekers
Bill & James Monroe * Six feet under the ground
Manfred Krug * Wenn's draußen grün wird

The Nits * J.O.S. days
Dave Berry * This Strange Effect
Moldy Peaches * Steak For Chicken
Dillard & Clark * The radio song
The Eastern Dark - Walking
The Golden Boys * If I Can't Hold You In My Arms

Ludwig von 88 * Louison Bobet for ever
Channel 3 * Catholic Boy
Oma Hans * Danke Wipers
The Hives * Tick tick Boom
Scientists * It Came From Out Of The Sky
Ruby Johnson * Keep On Keeping On

Redskins * Keep on keepin' on!
The Plimsouls - How Long Will It Take
Johnny Cash * Honky-Tonk girl
Willy de Ville * Hey Joe (R.I.P.)
The Hoods * You Keep On Lying
The Harvey Averne Dozen * The Micro Mini

Comander Cody & his lost planet airmen * Connie
Johnny Hill * Ruf Teddybaer Eins-Vier
The Golliwogs * You Better Get It Before It Gets You
Eels * That look you give that guy


Willy de Ville * 25.08.1953 - 06.08.2009 * R.I.P.
Billy Lee Riley * 1933 -2009 * R.I.P.