Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Sugar Billy * Super Duper Love

Undertones * Here comes summer
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers * Modern Word (alternative version)
The Breadmakers * Take the lot
Wanda Jackson * You know I'm no good
Ray Collins * It ain't what is is
Loretta Lynn * Don't come home a drinking (with loving on your mind)

Gino Paoli * I'll chielo in una stanza
$ 1.000.000 Dollar Boys * Hey, little Boy
Sister Gertrude Morgan * Take the lord along with you
the dad horse eXPerience * Will I be someone
Station 17 * Computer
375 C.E.G. * All I wanna do is having fun

Montesas * Igor's Party
Fred Bridges * Baby don't you weep
The Seeds * Can't seem to make you mine
Otto Sander ließt Wolf Wondratscheck * Schluss damit
Cock Sparrer * Gotta get out
Barracudas * Summer fun
Buck Owens * Under the influence of love

Lee Hazlewood * Girl on death row
The Dead Brothers * I am all I got (R.I.P. Alain Croubalian)
Ernie Hines * Electrified Love
Paper Lips * Up & down
RP Boo * The Opponent
The Rolling Stones * Get off of my cloud

The Carnaby * Jump and dance
Public Enemy * See something, say something
Thee Watzloves * Trouble with my heart
Johnny Cash * Any old wind that blows
Arthur Godfrey * Dig, Dig, Dig
Homeboy * Adorable

Trio * Kummer

** end of show



von*der*heydt dynamite * Leonor Carrionettes * Stephan Umbach eröffnen Wochenende 2 des Frankfurter Sport und Kunst Kasinos * 04.09.21 * Sommerwiese Jahrhunderthalle * 15 Uhr!!! * Bands: 375 C.E.G. * Bad Ass Ballerinas * Thee Watzloves * Montesas * Reverend Beat Man