von 19 - 21 Uhr
mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Shirley Bassey * Vehicle

Stereo Steal Guitar Mood * Unknown japanese track

Ray LaMontagne * Hold you in my arms

Joe Cuba * Tu lo sientes?

Ernie K. Doe * Here come the girls

O.C. Smith * Take time to know her

Silver Jews * Honk if you’re lonely

Calexico * The guns of Brixton

South Filthy * Grounded

Sonic Youth * Teen age riot

Pavement * Kentucky Cocktail

Joy Division * No love lost

Stella * Le silence

Saint Louis Creative Ensemble * I cant figure out

Frank Frost * My back scratcher

Cut Chemist * The garden (only intro)

Digitalism * Digitalism in Cairo

Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton * Better move it on home

Merle Haggard * Walking the floor over you
Grant McLennan * Late afternoon in early August

Bernard Estardy * Tic tac nocturne

Simon Diaz * Tonada de la luna llena

Yellow Balloon * Yellow balloon

Scott Walker * Mathilde

Etienne Daho * Saudade

The Beat * Hands off... she's mine

Lee Perry & the Upsetter * Kentucky skank

Dennis Brown * Westbound train

Sammi Smith * This room for rent

Peggy Lee * Alone together

Rock Plaza Central * Sexyback

Kraftwerk * Trans-Europe Express

Lawrence Welk * Apples & Bananas

Southern Culture on the skids * funnel of love

The Jesus and Mary Chain * Everything's alright when you're down

The Monkees * Michigan Blackhawk

Axton Kincaid * I wanna be adored

The Raveonettes * Love in a trashcan