Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Red Astaire * Intro  / R.I.P.
Red Astaire * Marvins Groove

Elia y Elisabeth * Descripción
Brezel Göring * Opel Kapitän
Teddy Mack and the Mackinteers * Hey hey Gypsy woman
Lyn Taitt & the Boys * Storm warning
Tito Ramirez * Culpable
Little Flint * Pain

Freddy Weller * The Roadmaster
Reigning Sound * Pretty girl
Reigning Sound * I'm so thankful
Brezel Göring * Meine Medizin
Dowzer * Bottomless
Rusty Parts * Tonight

Shadow Show * Silhouette
Luther Ingram * It's all the same to you Baby
The Invitations * Watch out little girl
Johnny 'Dizzy' Moore * South China Sea
Clarence "frog man" Henry * Ain't go no home
Osborne Brothers * Cuckoo Bird

Jochen Distelmeyer * Ich sing für dich
The Hanging Stars * Black Light Night
Dany Boy * Kokomo me Baby
The Courettes * Misfits & Freaks
Peter Mulvey * Little Girl, Little Boy
Little Bob * I got loaded

Bobby Trend * Good day
Holly & the Italiens * I wanna go Home
Les Reverberations * Gone away
Elakelaiset * Hummpalenka
Adolphe Sex & ses Machines * P'tite Sotte

The Witch Doctor * Over Night Low

 * end of show


  • Rusty Parts * Berlin Beat Invasion * Quasimodo Berlin 08.-11.09.2022
  • Diverse DJ's Conni, Zabel, Rohmig, Bumblebees,... * Backstage End Party * Backstage Frankfurt * HEUTE (und nur noch bis Sonntag)