"Lets make believe we’re sweethearts"

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Holly Golightly * Tell me now so i know

Jimmy Smith * Got my mojo workin’

Alex Chilton * Take it off

Lemonheads * My drug body

Lotto King Karl * Hamburg meine Perle

Little Esther Philips * Just say goodbye

Edmundo Ross * Brazil

Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies * Who’s sorry now

Sister Getrude * Take the lord along with you

The Godfathers * If i only had time

AC DC * Given the dog a bone

Baby Washington * think about the good times

Texas Lightning * No no never

Jonathan Richman * Since she started to ride

Merle Haggard * The longer you wait

Timmy Thomas * Why cant we live together

Sammy Davis Jr. * I’ll begin again

Vicky Anderson * I'm too tuff for mr. big stuff

Elvis Costello * Radio sweetheart

Cramps * Cramp stomp

The Farm * Stepping stone

The Stone Roses * Fools gold

Timmy Thomas * Sweet brown suggar

Aretha Franklin * Oh not my baby

Songs about science’ * What is energy?

Light crust cowboy’s * Lets make believe we’re sweethearts

Bette Midler * Shiver me timbers

Van Morrison * Bulb

Bill Drummond * True to the trail

Takeshi Terauchi and_Bunnys * Komuro Oiwake

Moddy Scott * We’ve got to save it

The Go-Betweens * Apology accepted

Johnny Cash * Danny boy

Belle & Sebastian * A space boy dream

Willie Mitchell * Take five

Edwyn Collins * Take care of yourself