One Diamond
mit Kirstin von der Heydt

von 19 - 21 Uhr


Dirty Three * Hope

Baby you know * hellfire and brimstone

Dave Graney * Nobody's gonna love you

Robert Forster * Tell me that it isn't true

Ed Kuepper * Everybody's got to

Luna * this time around

Baby you know * suicide show

The Go-Betweens * the sound of rain

Nikki Sudden * Before I die

Wake Ooloo * Don't look now

The Go-Betweens * Here comes a city

Beth Orton * stolen car

Bob Dylan * I want you

Grant McLennan * Do your own thing

The Go-Betweens * Don't call me gone

Bill Drummond * I'm the king of joy

Nick Cave & the bad seeds * Deanna (acoustic version)

The Triffids * Bottle of love

Robert Forster * Forever & time

Granada * Salmon Country

Mick Harvey * Bonnie & Clyde

Grant McLennan * Haven't I been a fool

David McComb * Nothing good

The Go-Betweens * In her diary

The Saints * Photograph

These immortal souls * the story goes

Epic Soundtracks. * stealaway

Baby you know * Do I really have to say it?

Grant Hart * 2541

Anita Lane * The word's a girl

Cleopatra Wong * dangerous girl

Nikki Sudden * I'm crying

The Go-Betweens * Rock and Roll friend