mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Knöppel * Abseits (du Wichser)

Kinky Friedman * Souled American * R.I.P.
Kinky Friedman * Arsehole from El Paso (Live From Austin, TX)
Kinky Friedman * We reserve the right to refuse service to you
Bobby "Blue" Bland * Honey Child
Mel Tormé * Comin' home Baby
Brezel Göring * Sexuell aufgeladen

Klaus Beyer * Hey Jude
Human Toys * Go Go Alco
Sham 69 * Borstal Breakout
Carsickness * Police Dog
Matt Starling * Dorian Reeds, Part 01
Billy Ocean * Red Light Spells Danger
Camille Lemaire * Rodin

Child of Panoptes * Un petit Morceau de Buvard
Sammi Smith * Hallelujah For Beer
The Roves * Who's sleeping on the throne
Leon Bridges * Coming Home
The Tams * Disillusioned
El Michels Affair * Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Robert Görl * Mit Dir
The Black Lips * No Rave
Daniel Johnston * True Love Will Find You In The End
Kant * Sign of love
Isaac Hayes * Ike's Mood 1
Adriano Celentano * I want to know (parte II)

375 C.E.G. * Rising Sun
K. Ronaldo * Du bist fake
Travel in Space * Go wild
Charley Pride * Kiss An Angel Good Morning
The Tell-Tale Hearts * Circus Mind
Freddy King * Now I've Got A Woman

Gino Paoli * Il cielo in una stanza
The Tams * Untie me

 ** end of show