10 Jahre DER HIMMEL GEHT WEITER auf radiox

Der 4 Stunden Marathon mit allen Sendungsmachern.

(Orange = Double Diamond)


Honeymoon Killers - Ariane

01. derzeitiges Lieblingslied

Amy Winehouse * Tears dry on their own

Jens Lekman * The opposite of hallelujah
Band of Horses * Is there a ghost

Bob Dylan * Workingman's blues #2

02. ein Lied für radiox

Alfred Alpaka w/ Danny Stewart's Hawaiians * The Hukilau song

The Go Betweens * People say

Flaming Lips * Turn it on

Scissor Sisters * Tits on the radio

03. Coverversion

The Flying Lizards * Sex machine (J.Brown)

Axton Kincaid * I wanna be adored (Stone Roses)

Misfits * Last caress
Aerial * Last caress (Misfits)

Rosie Thomas * The one i love (R.E.M.)

Gigolo Aunts * Why can't this be love (Van Halen)

04. Duette

Jane Birkin & Mickey (3d) * Je m'appelle Jane

Johnny Cash & June Carter * Oh what a good thing we had

Velvet Underground (Lou Reed & Moe Tucker) * I'm sticking with you
The Jesus & Mary Chain (Jim Reid with Hope Sandoval) * Sometimes always

Arty Fufkin (Thom Yorke vs. Kelly Clarkson) * Atoms

05. besonders schräg

Ariel Pink * Strange fires

Half Japanese * Sex in your parents house

Triton Junior High Band * Beat it

Tiny Tim * Living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight

Byrd E. Bath & Rodney Dangerfield * Florence of Arabia

06. angenehm stumpf

Andreas Dorau * angenehm stumpf

Oneida * Up with people

Knarf Rellöm with the Shi Sha Shellöm * Null Eins

Trio * Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha

Deichkind * Remmi demmi

07. besonders laut

Parts + Labor * Brighter days
Hüsker Dü * Don't wanna know if you are lonely

Motorhead * Ace of spades

Fugazi * Merchandise
Justice * Stress

08. Alkohol

The Andrew Sisters * Rum & Coca Cola

Amos Milburn * One scotch, one bourbon, one beer

Arab Strap * Last orders
Frankie Yankovic * In heaven there is no beer

09. peinlichstes Lieblingslied

License IV * Viens boire un p'tit coup a la maison

Cher * Believe

Robbie Williams * Advertising space

Udo Jürgens * Ich frag nicht

Lake * Key to the rhyme

10. Protestsong

Gill Scott-Heron * The revolution will not be televised

The Clash * White riot
Billy Bragg * Waiting for the great leap forwards

Curtis Mayfield * Miss black America

Freakwater * Warpigs

11. Lied über die Liebe

Belle & Sebastian * I don't love anyone

Own * A bird in hand

Marvin Gaye * Let's get it on (live)

Gladys Knight & the Pips * Midnighttrain to Georgia


Leider nicht beantwortet:

12. Erlebnis mit Musik

13. außen hübsch verpackt, innen häßlich

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Aretha Franklin * Oh no not my baby

Edmundo Ros * It ain't necessarily so
Lou Rawls * Everywhere I go

Chuck Jackson * Hand it over

The Supremes * Your wonderful sweet sweet love

The Isley Brothers * Beautiful

Mary Wells * Two lovers

Peggy Lee * Heart

Little Grants & Eddie * Rock Steady 67

Television Personalities * The girl who had everything

Dogs * Sandy Sandy

Lee Hazlewood * She comes running

Merle Haggard * Daddy Frank (the guitar man)

Joe Carson * Hillbilly band from mars

Francoise Hardy * Dis lui non

Charles Trenet * Boom

Detroit Cobras * Cha cha twist

Iggy & The Stooges * I wanna be your dog

The Monkees * (I'm not your) steppin' stone

Etienne Daho * Arnold layne

The Go-Betweens * People say

The Smith * Some girls are bigger than others

Grant Hart * 2541

Marvin Gaye * Let's get it on (remixed 2005)

The Beat Farmers * Goldmine

Peter & the Test Tube Babies * Moped lads

Ramones * Howling at the moon

Alexei Shulgin * California dreaming

Bob Dylan * Tonight I'll be staying here with you

Red Simpson * Truck drivin' man

Lee Hazlewood * Houston

Mighty Panther * The big bamboo

William Bell & Judy Clay * My baby specializes

The Emotions * Blind alley

Johnny Cash & June Carter * Oh, what a good thing we had

Michael Holm * Smog in Frankfurt

The Isley Brothers * Shout Part 1

Frankie Yankovic * In heaven there is no beer

Sammy Davis Jr. * Take my hand

"Viva Luckenbach"

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Ralf Barthelmes


Jerry Jeff Walker * Gettin' by
(recorded live in Luckenbach/Texas)
Arthur Smith * Banjo rag

Sophie Zelmani * Most of the time

Lambchop * Listen

Billie Holiday * Comes love

Amy Winehouse * Back to black

Bo Diddley * Ooh Baby

Barracudas * Somebody

The Donnas * Too bad about your girl

Chet Atkins * Understand your man

Prince Buster * Cincinatti Kid

Lee Moses * Time and place

Masterplan * Clinton Park

William Bell * Any other way

Harry Belafonte * Cotton Fields

Unknown homerecording * You are my sunshine

Dean Martin * Little old wine drinker, me

The Jam * The butterfly collector

AC/DC * Live wire

Reverend Beat-Man & The Un-Believers * Come back lord

Arthur Smith * Banjo rag

Jack Kerouack * The early history of bob

Thelonius Monk

Nina Simone * Tomorrow is my turn

Zeno Tornado & The Boney Google Brothers & Asshole from El Paso

Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson * Luckenbach (back in the basics of love)

Jerry Jeff Walker * Viva Luckenbach

Kenny Rogers & the first edition * Just dropped in

Dave Dudley * Six days on the road

Ernest Tubb (with Red Foley) * Hillibilly fever

Calexico * Ballad of cable hogue

G. Vinogradov & Ensemble * Katyusha

1966 football final * Das Wembley Tor

The Ramones * Today your love, tomorrow the world

The Pogues * Streams of whiskey

The Meters * Handclapping song

Solomon Burke * Got to get you out of my mind



"The night before"

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

LEE HAZLEWOOD: * 9. Juli 1929 - † 4. August 2007 R.I.P.

lee hazlewood
©2002 Barthelmes

Curtis Mayfield * Billy Jack

The Korean Children's Choir * I'd like to teach the world to sing

Lee Hazlewood * Little miss sunshine (little miss rain)

Lee Hazlewood * The night before

Lee Hazlewood * Son of a gun

Lee Hazlewood * Paris summer

Lee Hazlewood * You look like a lady

Lee Dorsey * Who's gonna help brother get further

Betty Wright * Shoorah! shoorah!

The Jazz Butcher * Roadrunner

The Adult Net * Get around

Professional Beach Melodians "Uhuru No. 2" * Akwantu

Red Spots * Oya Ke Me

John Kalapana * Kilakila Haleakala

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell * Little ole boy, little ole girl

Bobby Womack * Harry Hippie

Bob Dylan * Workingman's blues #2

Lee Hazlewood * Boots (original melody)

Bernard Estardy * Tic tac nocturne

Lee Hazlewood * Houston

Lee Hazlewood * Pray them bars away

Lee Hazlewood * I'd rather be your enemy

Lee Hazlewood * Summer wine

Lee Hazlewood * Hey Cowboy

Sammy Davis Jr. * Take my hands

Dogs * Bird doggin'

Adorable * Homeboy

A subtle Plague * Help me

Klaus Kinski * Wie man einen Sklaven macht

& Roy Smeck * Drifting and dreaming

Johnny Cash * Understand your man

Merle Haggard * The longer you wait to leave me

Eleni Mandell * You're all bad (and that's why you've been invited!)

Glenn Miller * Chattanooga Choo Choo

Francoise Hardy * Dis lui non

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood * Jackson

Lotto King Karl * Hamburg, meine Perle

Die Lassie Singers * Hamburg

* * *

SPIEGEL ONLINE: "Ihre Evergreens werden Sie zweifellos überleben. Was sollte nicht unerwähnt bleiben, wenn man später über Lee Hazlewood spricht?"
LEE HAZLEWOOD: "Er hat immer ein Lächeln auf den Lippen gehabt, tolle Songs geschrieben und nie eine Frau geschlagen. Und er hat gesoffen wie ein Loch. Das triffts."



* 9. Juli 1929 in Mannford, Oklahoma

† 4. August 2007 in Henderson, Nevada

Spiegel online Nachruf: Dichter, Narr und Tor 

Spiegel online Interview: "Ich wollte die Luft noch einmal schnuppern"

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Animals * Hit the road jack
Beastie Boys * The rat cage

Barrett Strong * Money (that's what I want)

Charlie Palmieri * Fat Papa

Nirvana Devils * May I

Beat Happening * Red Head Walking

Tindersticks * Raindrops pt. three

unknown chinese track'
Charley Pride * Busted

Mayf Nutter * I don't care

Hank Thompson & his brazos valley boys * A six pack to go

Peter, Bjorn And John * The chills

Smiles in boxes * Tim & Malcolm

Ernst Jandl * wachsender Pianist

Nina Simone * Love me or leave me

Cow * Country Shirt

Al Green * Love and happiness

Joyce Dunn * A new change of address

Young Holt Trio * Ain't there anything that money can't buy

Ludwig von 88 * William Kramps le tueur de bouchers

The Donnas * 40 boys In 40 nights

Camera Obscura * Let's get out of this country
‚traditional chinese opera'

Brother Bones * Sweet Georgia Brown

Bobby Jonz * Snap your fingers

Johnny Colon * Boogaloo blues

Robert Forster * Anytime

Bob Dylan * Peggy Day

Jazzbutcher * Party time

Yo la tengo * Yellow sarong

Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions * Keep on pushing

Lee Hazlewood * I'd rather be your enemy

Max Ernst * Interview (1960s)

The Donnas * Too bad about your girl

Supersuckers * Goin' back to Tucson

Johnny Power * Long blond hair, rose red lips

The Beat Farmers * Happy boy

Frankie Yankovic * In heaven there is no beer

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Nancy Sinatra * Bang Bang (My baby shot me down)

Billie Holiday * Comes love
Les Paul & Mary Ford * What is this thing called love?

James Yorkston * Woozy with cider

The Vietnam Veterans * Right track now

Alfred Alpaka w/ Danny Stewart's Hawaiians * The Hukilau song

Dean Martin * Little ole wine drinker, me

Sun Ra * We travel the spaceways

Vic Chesnutt * New Town

Vyvienne Long * Seven nation army (White Stripes)

Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul * Fallin'

The Juju Orchestra * Kind of Latyn Rhythm

Dogs * Shop around

The Young Holt Trio * Ain't there something that money can't buy?

Midnight Movies * Coral Den

Creedence Clearwater Revival * Walking on the water

Iggy Pop * Sweet sixteen

Basil Henriques And The Waikiki Islanders * Sleepwalk

Sammi Smith * Don’t blow no smoke on me

ARNIE "Skiffle Joe" Norse * Hasta la vista
Elvis Presley

Dillard & Clark * Train leaves here this mornin’

France Gall * Laisse tomber les filles

Holly Golightly * You have yet to win

Frank Sinatra * Fly me to the moon

Cow * Household full of strangers

Ween * Freedom of 76

Glady’s Knight and the Pips * Midnight train to Georgia

Jessie Mae Hemphill * Take me home with you, baby

Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk * Paperweight

Schuyler Fisk * Hello

Lord Creator * Big Bamboo

Calexico * The Ride (ptII)

Blumfeld * Kommst Du mit in den Alltag

Martha Jean Love * How to succeed in love

Betty Wright * Clean up woman

Johnny Nash * Ooh baby you been good to me

Bob Dylan * Country Pie

von 19 - 21 Uhr
mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Shirley Bassey * Vehicle

Stereo Steal Guitar Mood * Unknown japanese track

Ray LaMontagne * Hold you in my arms

Joe Cuba * Tu lo sientes?

Ernie K. Doe * Here come the girls

O.C. Smith * Take time to know her

Silver Jews * Honk if you’re lonely

Calexico * The guns of Brixton

South Filthy * Grounded

Sonic Youth * Teen age riot

Pavement * Kentucky Cocktail

Joy Division * No love lost

Stella * Le silence

Saint Louis Creative Ensemble * I cant figure out

Frank Frost * My back scratcher

Cut Chemist * The garden (only intro)

Digitalism * Digitalism in Cairo

Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton * Better move it on home

Merle Haggard * Walking the floor over you
Grant McLennan * Late afternoon in early August

Bernard Estardy * Tic tac nocturne

Simon Diaz * Tonada de la luna llena

Yellow Balloon * Yellow balloon

Scott Walker * Mathilde

Etienne Daho * Saudade

The Beat * Hands off... she's mine

Lee Perry & the Upsetter * Kentucky skank

Dennis Brown * Westbound train

Sammi Smith * This room for rent

Peggy Lee * Alone together

Rock Plaza Central * Sexyback

Kraftwerk * Trans-Europe Express

Lawrence Welk * Apples & Bananas

Southern Culture on the skids * funnel of love

The Jesus and Mary Chain * Everything's alright when you're down

The Monkees * Michigan Blackhawk

Axton Kincaid * I wanna be adored

The Raveonettes * Love in a trashcan