Wasteland-Spezial: Postpunk, Teil 2

mit Martin u. Reiner

01. SONGS:OHIA- lightning risked it all
v.A. "Ghost tropic" (Secretly Canadian 2000)*****


02. BAUHAUS- Bela Lugosi´s dead
v.A. "Press the eject and..." (Beggars Banquet 1982)
03. BAUHAUS- who killed mr. moonlight?
v.A. "Burning from the inside" (Beggars Banquet 1983)
04. JOY DIVISION- she´s lost control
v.A. "Unknown pleasures" (Factory 1979)
05. SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES- metal postcard
v.A. "The scream" (Polydor 1978)

06. THE CURE- siamese twins
v.A. "Pornography" (Fiction 1982)
07. VIRGIN PRUNES- decline and fall
v.A. "I i die, i die" (Rough Trade 1982)
08. KILLING JOKE- unspeakable
v.A. "What´s this for...!" (EG 1981)
09. GLAXO BABIES- avoiding the issue
v.A. "Put me on the guest list" (Heartbeat 1980)

10. THE RAINCOATS- shouting out loud
v.A. "Odyshape" (Rough Trade 1981)
11. THE RAINCOATS- in love
v.A. "s/t" (Rough Trade 1979)
12. XTC- respectable street
v.A. "The black sea" (Virgin 1980)
13. A CERTAIN RATIO- do the du
v. A. " The graveyard and the ballroom" (Factory 1980)

14. CABARET VOLTAIRE- no escape
v.A. "Mix up" (Rough Trade 1979)
15. TUXEDOMOON- no tears
v. 12" "No tears" (Time Release 1979)
16. DEVO- praying hands
v.A. "Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo" (Warner 1979)
17. B-52´s- rock lobster
v.A. "s/t" (Warner 1979)

18. 23 SKIDOO- kundalini
v.A. "Seven songs" (Fetish 1982)
19. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY- junkyard
v.A. "Junkyard" (Missing Link 1982)
20. MINUTEMEN- political song for Michael Jackson to sing
v.A. "Double nickels on a dime" (SST 1984)

...Fortsetzung folgt...


*****19.04.13 Wasteland-Spezial zu Jason Molina (R.I.P)