"The songs of Jason Molina (1973-2013)" - Teil 1:

mit Reiner Bös


01. SONGS: OHIA- the black crow
v.A. "The lioness" (Secretly Canadian 2000)
02. SONGS: OHIA- cabwaylingo
v.A. "s/t" (S. Canadian 1997)
03. SONGS: OHIA- all pass
v. EP "Hecla & Griper" (S.Canadian 1997)
04. SONGS: OHIA- an ace unable to change
v.A. "Impala" (S.Canadian 1998)
05. SONGS: OHIA- love & work
06. SONGS: OHIA- love leaves its abusers
beide v.A. "Axxess & Ace" (S.Canadian 1999)

07. SONGS: OHIA- the dark wrong turn
v.A. "The Ghost" (S.Canadian 1999)
08. SONGS: OHIA- lioness
09. SONGS: OHIA- coxcomb red
siehe 01.
10. SONGS: OHIA- the body burned away
11. SONGS: OHIA- incantation
beide v.A. "Ghost tropic" (S.Canadian 2000)
12. SONGS: OHIA- blue factory flame
v.A. "Didn´t it rain" (S.Canadian 2002)

13. THE AMALGAMATED SONS OF REST- i will be good
v.Minialbum "s/t" (Galaxia 2002)
14. THE MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- i´ve been riding with the ghost
15. THE MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- Peoria lunch box blues
beide v.A. "s/t" (S.Canadian 2003
16. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- the dark don´t hide it
17. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- hard to love a man
beide v.A. "What comes after the blues" (S.Canadian 2005)

18. JASON MOLINA- alone with the owl
19. JASON MOLINA- it´s easier now
20. JASON MOLINA- everything should try again
alle v.A. "Let me go, let me go, let me go" (S.Canadian 2006)

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