"Jason Molina-Spezial Teil 2 u. Neues aus dem Wasteland"

mit Reiner Bös


01. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- montgomery
v.A. "Fading trails" (Secretly Canadian 2006)
02. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- hammer down
v.A. "Nashville moon"*
03. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- a little at a time
v.A. "The black ram"*
04. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- nashville moon
siehe 02.
06. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- little sad eyes
v.A. "Josephine" (S.C. 2009)

07. JASON MOLINA- whip-poor-Will
v. Tour-CD 2003 (S.C. 2003)
08. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- whip-poor-Will
siehe 06.
09. MOLINA AND JOHNSON- almost let me in
10. MOLINA AND JOHNSON- leonore´s lullaby
v.A. "s/t" (S.C. 2009)
11. JASON MOLINA- heart my heart
12. JASON MOLINA- the harvest law
v. "William Schaff Artbook w/ 10" "Autumn bird songs"" (Graveface 2012)
13. WILL OLDHAM- gypsy he-witch
v. der Compilation "Weary engine blues" (Graveface 2013)
für beides siehe http://www.graveface.com/jason-molina.html

* aus der "Sojourner Box" (S.C. 2007)


14. THE FLAMING LIPS- turning violent
15. THE FLAMING LIPS- always there in our hearts
16. THE FLAMING LIPS- look, the sun is rising
alle v.A. "The terror" (Bella Union 2013)

17. THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND- last famous words
18. THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND- our leaky homes
19. THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND- theme from Konono No.2
alle v.A. "Enormous door" (Ex Records 2013)

20. KINSKI- last day on earth
21. KINSKI- conflict free diamonds
22. KINSKI- let me take you through my thought process
23. KINSKI- a little ticker tape never hurt anybody
alle v.A. "Cosy moments" (Kill Rock Stars 2013)