"Wasteland-Lieblinge 2013" mit Thomas, Joe, Peter, Martin und Reiner

Unterlegmusik: GILDED- terrrane (Hidden Shoal)

Playlist: Songs von den Top3-Alben in umgekehrter Reihenfolge:

Top3-Alben von Thomas:
01. SCOUT NIBLETT- can´t fool me now
02. AKRON/FAMILY- holy boredom
03. MICE PARADE- currents

Top3-Alben von Joe:
04. MICE PARADE- candela
05. BOARDS OF CANADA- cold earth
06. MAGIC MARKERS- crebs

Top3-Alben von Peter:
07. FOREST SWORDS- Anneka´s battle
08. KING KRULE- out getting ribs
09. SUUNS- music won´t save you

Top3-Alben von Martin:
10. SURVIVAL- freedom 1
11. CHRIS FORSYTH- part 1
12. BOTTOMLESS PIT- comedy minus one

Top3-Alben von Reiner:
13. STEVE GUNN- water wheel
14. THE FLAMING LIPS- butterfly, how long it takes to die
15. DANNY PAUL GRODY- you, the invisible

weitere ausgewählte tolle Songs aus 2013:
16. THE HAXAN CLOAK- miste (von Peter)
17. BIG BLOOD- 40 days, 40 nights (von Joe)
18. BARDO POND- kali yuga blues/taste (von Martin)

Die Top10-Album-Listen:

von Thomas:
01. MICE PARADE- Candela (FatCat)
02. AKRON/FAMILY- Sub verses (Dead Oceans)
03. SCOUT NIBLETT- It´s up to emma (Drag City)
04. JULIA HOLTER- Loud city song (Domino)
05. DEVENDRA BANHART- Mala (Nonsuch)
06. SUUNS- Images du futur (Secretly Canadian)
07. THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND- enormous door (Ex Records)
08. OVERSEAS- s/t (Undertow)
09. DEERHUNTER- monomania (4AD)
10. STEVE GUNN- time off (Paradise of Bachelors)

von Joe:
01. MAGIK MARKERS- Surrender to the fantasy (Drag City)
02. BOARDS OF CANADA- Tomorrow´s harvest (Warp)
03. MICE PARADE- Candela
04. STEVE GUNN- time off
05. BIG BLOOD- Radio Valkyrie (Feeding Tube)
06. LEE RANALDO AND THE DUST- Last night on earth (Matador)
08. MERIDIAN BROTHERS- Devoción (Staubgold)
09. PERE UBU- Lady from Shanghai (Fire)
10. CAVE- Threace (Drag City)

von Peter:
01. SUUNS- image du futur
02. KING KRULE- 6 feet beneath the moon (XL/True Panther)
03. FOREST SWORDS- Engravings (TriAngle)
04. THE HAXAN CLOAK- Exvacation (TriAngle)
05. NILS FRAHM- Spaces (Erased Tapes)
06. MUTUAL BENEFIT- Love´s crushing diamond (Other Music)
07. DESTROYER- Five spanish songs (Merge)
08. TAKESHI NISHIMOTO- Lavandula (Sonic Pieces)
09. JULIA HOLTER- Loud city song
10. GUISEPPE IELASI & ANDREW PEKLER- Holiday for sampler (Planami)

von Martin:
01. BOTTOMLESS PIT- Shade perennial (Comedy Minus One)
02. CHRIS FORSYTH- Solar Motel (Paradise of Bachelors)
03. SURVIVAL- s/t (Thrill Jockey)
04. MAINLINER- Revelation space (Riot Season)
05. STEVE GUNN- time off
06. DANNY PAUL GRODY- between two worlds (3 Lobed)
08. STEVEN R. SMITH/ULAAN KHOL- Ending/returning (Immune)
09. MOUNTAINS- Centralia (Thrill Jockey)
10. BARDO POND- Peace on venus (Fire)

von Reiner:
01. Danny Paul Grody- between two worlds (3 Lobed)
02. Flaming Lips- the terror (Bella Union)
03. Steve Gunn- time off (Paradise of Bachelors)
04. Boards of Canada- tomorrow´s harvest (Warp)
05. Meridian Brothers- devoción (Staubgold)
06. Cave- threace (Drag City)
07. Hobocombo- moondog mask (Trovarobato)
08. Mice Parade- candela (FatCat)
09. Scout Niblett- it´s up to emma (Drag City)
10. Magik Markers- surrender to the fantasy (Drag City)
11. Pere Ubu- lady from shanghai (Fire)
12. Ulaan Passerine- s/t (Worstward)
13. Akron/Family- sub verses (Dead Oceans)
14. Rafael Anton Irisarri- the unintentional sea (Room40)
15. Devendra Banhart- mala (Nonsuch)
16. Bailterspace- trinine (Fire)
17. Andrew Weathers Ensemble- what happens when we stop (Full Spectrum)
18. Mick Turner- don´t tell the driver (Drag City)
19. The Ex & Brass Unbound- the enormous door (Ex Records)
20. Gilded- terrane (Hidden Shoal)