Unterlegmusik:Nathan Amundson- western songs (https://rivulets.bandcamp.com/album/western-songs)


01. BONNIE STILLWATTER- the devil is people
02 BONNIE STILLWATTER- the devil is people (Bundy K Brown-Mix)
von der gleichnamigen 12" (Temporary Residence 2015)
03. SUFJAN STEVENS- death with dignity
04. SUFJAN STEVENS- the forth of july
05. SUFJAN STEVENS- carrie & lowell
alle v.A. "Carrie & Lowell" (Asthmatic Kitty 2015)

06. PAUL DE JONG- this is who i am
07. PAUL DE JONG- golden gate
08. PAUL DE JONG- debt free
alle v,A. "IF" (Temporary Residence 2015)
09. RACHEL GRIMES- the air in time
10. RACHEL GRIMES- the herald
v.A. "The clearing" (Temporary Residence 2015)

11. GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR- piss crowns are trebled
v.A. "Asunder, sweet and other distress" (Constellation 2015)
12. ROB ST. JOHN- surface tension (https://surfacetensionriverlea.bandcamp.com/releases)
13. COLLEEN- holding horses
14. COLLEEN- captain of none
beide v.A. "Captain of none" (Thrill Jockey 2015)
15. FINLAND- dust drive
16. FINLAND- rainy omen
beide v.A. "Rainy omen" (Hubro 2015)