"There is no casino in the wasteland- 3 Stunden Wasteland!!!!"

mit Reiner Bös


01. N.LANNON- kill all these machines
02. N.LANNON- endless night
beide v.A. "Falling inside" (Badman 2015)
03. LOW- gentle
04. LOW- no comprendre
beide v.A. "Ones and sixes" (Sub Pop 2015)
05. BLOOD WARRIOR- letter
06. BLOOD WARRIOR- you were
07. BLOOD WARRIOR- desolate ways
alle v.A. "Letter ghost" (Immune 2015)

08. BEIRUT- no no no
09. BEIRUT- August Holland
10. BEIRUT- at once
alle v.A. "No no no" (4AD 2015)
11. RYLEY WALKER- primrose green
12. RYLEY WALKER- the high road
13. RYLEY WALKER- sweet satisfaction
alle v.A. "Primrose green" (Dead Oceans 2015)

14. TIM BUCKLEY- no man can find the war
v.A. "Goodbye and hello" (Elektra 1967)
15. JOSÉ GONZALEZ- with the ink of a ghost
v.A. "Vestiges & claws" (Peacefrog 2015)
16. THE LAST HURRAH!- okay
17. THE LAST HURRAH!- fairweather friend
beide v.A. "Mudflowers" (Rune Grammophon 2015)
18. ERLAND DAHLEN- snake
beide v.A. "Blossom bells" (Hubro 2015)

20. OUGHT- beautiful blue sky
21. OUGHT- men for miles
beide v.A. "Sun coming down" (Constellation 2015)
22. THE EX- suction prints
23. THE EX- Lied der Steinklopfer
24. THE EX- every sixth is cracked
alle v.A. "The Ex at Bimhuis 1991-2015" (Ex Records 2015)
25. BRUTTER- geigered
v.A. "s/t" (Hubro 2015)

27. SIMON JOYNER- Jefferson Reed
28. SIMON JOYNER- old days
alle v.A. "Grass, branch & bone" (Woodsist 2015)
29. ILYAS AHMED- come on
30. ILYAS AHMED- i need to fix my body...
31. ILYAS AHMED- closer tonight
alle v.A. "I am all your own" (Immune 2015)