mit Reiner Bös


01. DAVID JOHN SHEPPARD- a thumbnail sketch of infinity
02. DAVID JOHN SHEPPARD- vortex on a string
beide v.A. "Vertical land" (Village Green 2015)
03. SNOW PALMS- white sea
v..A. "Intervals" (Village Green 2012)
04. BEN CHATWIN- sirius
v.A. "The sleeper awakes" (Village Green 2015)
05. THE ISLAND BAND- like swimming
06. THE ISLAND BAND- the shore/waves in the morning
beide v.A. "Like swimming" (Hubro 2015)

07. D.BAYNE- metra locomotive, Ravenswood Station
08. D.BAYNE- the french quarter
v.A. "Meditations on present time" (Luminescence 2015)
09. ERIK ESPEN TRIO- in the mountains
beide v.A. "Never ending january" (Rune Gramophon 2015)

11. JOANNA NEWSOM- leaving the city
v.A. "Divers" (Drag City 2015)
12. JESSICA PRATT- jacqueline in the background
v.A. "On our own love again" (Drag City 2015)
13. HEATHER LEIGH- the return
v.A. "I abused animal" (Ideologic Organ 2015)
14. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- each all in another all
15. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- empty, circle, tremble
beide v.A. "Cradle for the wanting" (Recital 2015)

16. FLYING SAUCER ATTACK- instrumental 7
v.A. "Instrumentals 2015" (Domino/Drag City 2015)
17. ULAAN KHOL- from there to here
v.A. "Salt" (Soft Abuse 2015)
18. KINSKI- detroit trickle down
19. KINSKI- flight risk
beide v.A. "7 (or 8)" (Kill Rockstars 2015)

Nächste Sendung am 15.01.16- die Lieblingsplatten aus 2015