"Postpunk-Perlen und Blind Date mit Neuigkeiten"

mit Martin S., Thomas S. u. Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: NORMAN WESTBERG- MRI (Room40 2016)

01. THE FLYING LIZARDS- the window
02. CHANTAGE- tu m´fais rire
beide v.A. "Vivien Goldman- Resolutionary" (Staubgold 2016)
03. THE 49 AMERICANS- imagination
v.A. "We know nonsense" (Choo Choo Train Records 1980/Staubgold 2013)
04. THE 49 AMERICANS- should be more ideal
v.A. "E pluribus unum" (Choo Choo Train Records 1982/Staubgold 2013)
05. FAMILY FODDER AND FRIENDS- sunday girl #1
06. FAMILY FODDER AND FRIENDS- ragged wolf of my passions
beide v.A. "Sunday girls- a tribute to Blondie" (Parole 1979/Staubgold 2015)

07. MARK PERRY- you know
08. MARK PERRY- inside
beide v.A. "Snappy turns" (Deptford Fun City 1980)
09. SPHERICAL OBJECTS- eliptical optimism
v.A. "Eliptical optimism" (Object Music 1979)
10. L. VOAG- hall
11. L. VOAG- living room
v.A. "The way out" (self released 1979/Superior Viaduct 2015)
12. LUDUS- inheritance
v.A. "The seduction" (New Hormones 1981)
13. OWEN MAERCKS- 60 cycle hum
v.A. "Teenage sex therapist" (self released 1978/Feeding Tube 2014)
-----Musikauswahl 03. bis 13. - Martin-----

Blind Date:
14. ARBOR LABOR UNION- mr. birdsong
v.A. "I hear you" (Sub Pop 2016)
15. KEVIN MORBY- Dorothy
16. KEVIN MORBY- i have been to the mountain
beide v.A. "Singing saw" (Dead Oceans 2016)
17. CHRIS COHEN- as if apart
18. CHRIS COHEN- yesterdays on my mind
beide v.A. "As if apart" (Captured Tracks 2016)

19. WHITNEY- golden days
20. WHITNEY- no woman
beide v.A. "Light upon the lake" (Secretly Canadian 2016)
21. ERLAND APNESETH TRIO- trollsuiten
beide v.A. "Det andre rommet" (Hubro 2016)
23. OISEAUX-TEMPETE- no go(l)d no master
24. OISEAUX-TEMPETE- the strangest creature on earth
beide v.A. "Unworks & rarities (2012-2015)" (Sub Rosa 2016)