Neues aus dem Wasteland

Neuheiten mit Paul S. und Reiner Bös

G. Tazartès, Romanczuk, Zaleski- Carp´s Head (Monotype 2016)


01. HUDSON BELL- in a ball
02. HUSON BELL- love everybody
03. HUDSON BELL- hey doll
alle v.A. "Yerba Buena" (, 2016)
04. PSYCHIC ILLS- another change
05. PSYCHIC ILLS- confusion (i´m alright)
beide v.A. "Inner Journey Out" (Sacred Bones 2016)

06. THE GASLAMP KILLER- warm wind
07. THE GASLAMP KILLER- gammalaser kill
beide v.A. "Instrumentalepathy" (Cuss! Records 2016)
08. XYLOURIS WHITE- black peak
09. XYLOURIS WHITE- erotokritos
beide v.A. "Black Peak" (Bella Union 2016)
10. GARETH DICKSON- the big lie
11. GARETH DICKSON- atmosphere
beide v.A. "Orwell Court" (Discolexique 2016)
12. DANNY PAUL GRODY- mineral springs
v.A. "States- Sketch for Winter VI" (Geographic North 2016)

13. MICHAEL JACKSON- tabloid junkie -------- ausgewählt von Paul
v.A. "HIStory: Past, present and future, Book I" (Epic 1995)

15. CHRIS KNOX- we hate you
beide v. Compilation-Tape "KnoxTraxFine" (Thokei Tapes 2016)
16. KANE STRANG- the web
17. KANE STRANG- things are never simple
18. KANE STRANG- full moon, hungry sun
alle v.A. "Blue Cheese" (Flying Nun 2016)

19. NEW GUM SARN- money talks
20. NEW GUM SARN- new gold mountain
beide v.A. "New Golden Mountain" (Spunk 2015)
21. FEATURES- city scenes
v.A. "X Features" (Flying Nun 2016)
22. ALDOUS HARDING- stop your tears
23. ALDOUS HARDING- hunter
beide v.A. "s/t" (Lyttelton Records 2014)

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