Neues aus dem Wasteland

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

WATTER- History Of The Future (Temp. Residence Limited 2017)

01. GRANT HART- fanfare in major d (come, come)
vom Album "Intolerance" (SST 1989)

02. AMEN DUNES- miki dora
v.A. "Freedom" (Sacred Bones 2018)
03. S. CAREY- rose petals
04. S. CAREY- hundred acres
beide v.A. "Hundred Acres" (Jagjaguwar 2018)
05. MOUNT EERIE- now only
06. MOUNT EERIE- crow pt.2
beide v.A. "Now Only" (P.W.Elvrum & Sun, Ltd. 2018)

07. ILYAS AHMED- meditation on the split self
08. ILYAS AHMED- passing lines
beide v.A. "Closer To Stranger" (MIE Music 2018)
09. RYLEY WALKER- opposite middle
10. RYLEY WALKER- telluride speed
beide v.A. "Deafman Glance" (Dead Oceans 2018)
11. YONATAN GAT- cueing machines
12. YONATAN GAT- post-world
13. YONATAN GAT- fading casino
14. YONATAN GAT- chronology
alle v.A. "Universalists" (Glitterbeat 2018)

15. MAHDYAR- seize
16. MAHDYAR- money money
17. MAHDYAR- timmy might bury y´all
18. MAHDYAR- hush
alle v.A. "Seized" (Kowloon 2018)
18. XYLOURIS WHITE- motorcycle kondilies
19. XYLOURIS WHITE- daphne
beide v.A. "Mother" (Bella Union 2018)
v.A. "Bloom" (Textile Records 2018)