"Blind Date - von schlechten CD-Rs - Seltsame Gesänge -
Musik vom Mondhund - Amateure in Düsseldorf - Schöne Schweden -
Hilfe für Japan"

mit Reiner Bös u. den Gastkommentatoren Timo u. Thomas

Clouwbeck (Richard Skelton) - "From which the river rises" (Sustain Release UK 2010)

01. CHAD VANGAALEN- replace me
02. CHAD VANGAALEN- burning photographs
03. CHAD VANGAALEN- peace on the rise
alle v.A. "Diaper island" (Sub Pop USA 2011)
04. WHITE DENIM- drug
05. WHITE DENIM- at the farm
beide v.A. "D" (Downtown USA 2011)

06. SINGER- sister´s mane
07. SINGER- new bad teeth
beide v.A. "Mindreading" (Drag City USA 2011)
08. DEAD RIDER- two non-fictional lawyers
09. DEAD RIDER- mother´s meat
beide v.A. "The raw dents" (Tizona USA 2011)
10. RELIGIOUS KNIVES- paper thin
11. RELIGIOUS KNIVES- you walk
beide v.A. "Smokescreen" (Sacred Bones USA 2011)

12. HOBOCOMBO- stamping ground
13. HOBOCOMBO- theme
14. HOBOCOMBO- bird´s lament
alle v.A. "Now that it´s the opposite, it´s..." (Trovarobato ITA´11)
15. HAUSCHKA- subconscious
16. HAUSCHKA- ping
beide v.A. "Salon des Amateurs" (FatCat UK 2011)

17. TAPE- dust and light
18. TAPE- byhalia
beide v.A. "Revelationes" (Immune/Häpna USA/SWE´11)
19. GROUPER- cassiopeia
20. GIANT SAND- recovery mission
21. TOM CARTER- mended
alle v. Comp. "Benefit for the recovery in japan" (Antiopic/Thrill Jockey USA´11)