"Sounds For Sale" mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom
The Hullaballoo Orchestra & Singers - Theme From Hullabaloo
The Standells - Dirty Water
Mark Lindsay & Paul Revere & the Raiders - Let Me
The Prisoners - Wish The Rain
Long Tall Shorty - I Do
Nick Lowe - Truth Drug
The Romantics - When I Look In Your Eyes
The O´Kaysions - Girl Watcher
Lilian Atterer - Weil ich so sexy bin
Tom Jones - The Lonely One
Chuck Woods - 7 Days Too Long
Nolan Porter - If I Could Only Be Sure
Selena Jones- I´ve Got The Blues
Resonance - OK Chicago
Jess & James & The JJ Band - Move
The Flaming Stars - Money To Burn
The Nomads - I´m Not Like Everybody Else
Dave Davies - Love Me Til The Sun Shines
The Chameleons Day - Car Crash
The Chrystal Chandelier - Setting Of Despair
The XL´s - Second Choice
The Seeds - Pushing To Hard
The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
The Rock-A-Teens - Woo-Hoo
Leroy Pullins - I´m A Nut
Roy Clark - Spooky Movies
The Corpse Grinders - The Price Of Meat
The Clash - Somebody Got Murdered
The Freshies - Tell Her I´m Ill
Cock Sparrer - The Sun Says
Vivi Bach & Dietmar Schönherr - Molotov Cocktail Party
The Kingbeats - Hear What I Say
Jaques Dutronc - Sur Une Nappe De Restaurant
Eddy Mitchell - Tu Ne Peux Pas
Ray Charles - I Don´t Need No Doctor
Rufus Thomas - Funky Penguin Pt.1
Marsha Hunt - Desdemona
Aphrodites Child - Let Me Love Let Me Live
Orchester Martin Böttcher - Kiss Me Cat