von & mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom
Nikki & The Corvettes - Summertime Fun
The Kings IV - Summertime
The Jefferson Hankerchief - I´m Allergic To Flowers
The Bevis Frond - I Think It´s Time
Ronnie Burns - Exit Stage Right
Bee Gees - Please Read Me
Billy Nicholls - Would You Believe
T. Rex - Ballrooms Of Mars
Felt - Ballad Of The Band
Ronnie Hawkins - 40 Days
Slim Gawky Oddballs - Give No Shit
Allen Page - Dateless Night
Limes - Under My Head
Nikki Sudden & The Jacobites - Death Is Hangin Over Me
The Beach Boys - Surf´s Up
The Astronauts - Baja
Annette - The Battle Of San Onofre
The Phantom Surfers - San Onofre
Dillard & Clark - The Radio Song
Flying Burrito Brothers - Sin City
Bob Seger System - Ramblin´ Gamblin´ Man
Bruce Springsteen - Out On The Street
Bruce Springsteen - Dream Baby Dream
The Remains - Diddy Wah Diddy
Bo Diddley - Who May Your Lover Be
The Heard - Stop It Baby
The Thanes – The Story Of Your Life
The Prissteens – Run Back To You
The Dum Dum Girls – Caught In One
The Valiants - Serpents & Spiders
Dolly Lyon – Palm Of My Hand
Mamie Perry – I´m Hurted
Heidi Berry – Northshore Train