Musik von heute: Dance Til The Police Come
1. Stunde
01.) They Live: 7998 / Nageslover. (“Cancel Standard”, 2011) ExitRecords
02.) Peverelist: Dance til the Police come. (“Dance Til the Police Come EP”, 2011) HessleAudio
03.) Irradiation: Carthasis. (“Carthasis EP”, 2011) TEMP-Records
04.) Falty DL: Brazil (Ft Lily MacKenzie). (“You Stand Uncertain”, 2011) PlanetMu
05.) Riley Reinhold: Residence. (“Bubeshko Apartment 1A EP”, 2011) MBF LTD
06.) Michael Jackson: Thriller (Extended, Part II). (“Thriller 25 Deluxe Edition”, 1982/2008) Epic
07.) Rick Wilhite: Blame it on the Boogie (ft Osunlade, Theo Parrish & Billy Love). (“Analog Aquarium”, 2011) StillMusic
08.) Theo Parrish: Traffic (ft I.G. Culture & Benjamin Lamar). (“Sketches”, 2010) SoundSignature
09.) Sarp Yilmaz: The World is not a Cherry Pie. (“The World Is Not A Cherry Pie EP”, 2011) Broque
10.) Sin Fang: Nineteen. (“Summer Echoes”, 2011) MorrMusic
11.) Ricardo Villalobos & Los Updates: I throw Water into the Lake (ft Anthony Collins). (“Joli Chat EP”, 2011) NiceCatRecords
12.) Bodi Bill: Friends. (“What?”, 2011) Sinnbus
13.) Kenton Slash Demon: Daemon + Daemon (Axel Boman Epic RMX). (“Daemon EP”, 2011) TarteletRecords
2. Stunde
14.) Africa Hitech: Out in the Streets. (DL-Single, 2011) Warp
15.) Falty DL: Lucky Luciano. (“You Stand Uncertain”, 2011) PlanetMu
16.) Falty DL: Open Space. (“You Stand Uncertain”, 2011) PlanetMu
17.) DJ Spinn: U don’t need. (“Man I Do It”, 2011) PlanetMu
18.) Attwenger: Shakin my Brain. (Vorab-DL-Single zu “Flux”, 2011) Trikont
19.) Beans: Mellow you out (ft Tunde Adebimpe). (“End It All”, 2011) Anticon
20.) T.R.A.C.: Step rite on in (ft Baron aka Drue Davis). (Vorab-DL-Single zu “The Network”, 2011) BBE
21.) Benny Tones: On my Way (ft Mara TK). (Vorab-DL-Single zu “Chrysalis”, 2011) BBE
22.) Kode9 & The Spaceape: Otherman. (Vorab-EP zu “Black Sun”, 2011) Hyperdub
23.) Burial: Street Halo. (“Street Halo EP”, 2011) Hyperdub
24.) Beans: Gluetraps (ft Four Tet). (“End It All”, 2011) Anticon
25.) Joy O: Wade in. (“Wade In EP”, 2011) HotflushRecordings
26.) Max Cooper: Heresy (Matthys RMX). Traum
27.) Irradiation: Carthasis (Heinz Seidenbusch RMX). (“Carthasis EP”, 2011) TEMP-Records