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Neue Beats und Neue Gesänge: Gefällt mir / Gefällt mir nicht
- Von Acid Pauli bis James Blake -
1. Stunde
01.) James Blake: The Wilhelm Scream. (“James Blake”, 2010/11) AtlasRecordings
02.) Acid Pauli: Gefällt mir. (12”, 2011) Smaul/Doxa
03.) Xircus: Rolf Harris. (“Reality Bites EP”, 2011) Trapez
04.) Livio & Roby: Hatzumoto Song. (“Moduri EP”, 2011) Vakant
05.) Driver & Driver: We got you Baby. (“We Are The World”, 2011) Staatsakt
06.) Akiko Kiyama: Carnival. (“My Beer In The Shape Of A Boy EP”, 2011) Mean
07.) Benjamin Fehr: Stay at Home, Read a Book (Roman Flügel RMX). (“Stay At Home, Read A Book EP”, 2011) Catenaccio
08.) Chra: Von der Liebe (Mathias Schaffhäuser Vocals RMX). (“Von Der Liebe EP”, 2011) Comfortzone
09.) Lay Low: Please don’t hate/ Gluteus Maximus. (Comp “I’m Single Records”, 2010/11) I’mSingle/Grooveattack
10.) Mira Calix: I carry you in my Heart. (OST “Strade Trasparenti”, 2011) Staubgold
11.) Electric Indigo & Irradiation: Phytoplankton (Rossella RMX). („Phytoplankton EP“, 2011) TEMP
12.) Dan Harbanham: Nu Este Roz. (Comp „Mosaic Volume I“, 2011) Exit
13.) John Spring: Playing no more Games. (“Benzo EP”, 2011) Airdrop
14.) Sepalcure: Your Love. (“Fleur EP”, 2011) Hotflush
15.) James Blake: Give me my Month. (“James Blake”, 2010/11) AtlasRecordings
2. Stunde
16.) Nicolas Jaar: Sunflower/ Too many Kids finding Rain in the Dust. (“Space Is Only Noise”, 2011) Circus
17.) Taprikk Sweezee: Eating at the Void (ft BUSY). (“Poly EP”, 2011) Zoik/MusikAusStrom
18.) Taprikk Sweezee: Newend (ft E.A.R.L.). (“Poly EP”, 2011) Zoik/MusikAusStrom
19.) Boxcutter: Ufonik (ft Brian Greene). (“Comp “14 Tracks From Planet Mu”, 2011) PlanetMu
20.) Oriol: Solar. (“Comp “14 Tracks From Planet Mu”, 2011) PlanetMu
21.) FaltyDL vs Sepalcure: St. Marks (RMX). (“Fleur EP, Bonus Track”, 2011) Hotflush
22.) 2562: This is Hardcore. (10” “Aquatic Family Affair EP”, 2011) WhenInDoubt
23.) Spoek Mathambo: Don’t mean to be rude (ft Zaki Ibrahim). (“Don’t Mean To Be Rude EP”, 2010/11) BBE
24.) Space Invadas: Life (ft Jae Macrae/ FBI Remix). (“Done It Again EP”, 2010) BBE
25.) Deepchild: Backroom. (“Stadtkind EP”, 2010) Trapez
26.) Nicolas Jaar: Specters of the Future. (“Space Is Only Noise”, 2011) Circus
27.) Frivolous: Rising. (“Meteorology”, 2011) Cadenza
28.) James Blake: Unluck. (“James Blake”, 2010/11) AtlasRecordings
29.) Bodi Bill: Hotel. ( “What?”, 2011, preview track) Sinnbus/ free download
30.) Acid Pauli: Gefällt mir nicht. (12”, 2011) Smaul/Doxa
31.) Frivolous: Wasting Time. (“Meteorology”, 2011) Cadenza
17 Minuten Bonus
32.) Mihalis Safras vs Pascal Mollin: Move. (“Jaws EP”, 2011) TrapezLTD
33.) Robag Wruhme: Thora Vukk. (12” “Pampa006”, 2011) Pampa
34.) Akiko Kiyama: My Beer in the Shape of a Boy. (“My Beer In The Shape Of A Boy EP”, 2011) Mean