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h1: Gast STEFFI SKOLIK, Drummerin der All-Girl-AC/DC-Coverband HELLS BELLES

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. AC/DC rocker (LP "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", 1976, Atlantic)
03. HELLS BELLES whole lotta rosie (CD, Germany)
04. AC/DC it's a long way to the top (LP "High Voltage", 1976, Atlantic)
05. HELLS BELLES rock'n'roll all day (CD, Germany)
06. W.E.S.P. manimal (CDr "Live", Maniacs Of Rock, Germany)
07. HELLS BELLES t.n.t. (live) (CD, Germany)
08. AC/DC touch too much (LP "Highway To Hell", Atlantic, 1979)
09. W.E.S.P. blind in texas (CDr "Live", Maniacs Of Rock, Germany)
10. HELLS BELLES hell ain't a bad place to be (CD, Germany)


11. AUDITHOR raud som blod (Balsamia)
12. ENSTRUCTION before the suicide (C60 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 2", Prion Tapes, Pr6, 1987, Germany)
13. RUDOLPHS RACHE wenn das bier verboten wird (MC "Wir rasieren uns", Trümmer Products, 010, Germany)
14. SILENT VOICES end zeit (C60 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 1", Prion Tapes, Pr5, 1987, Germany)
15. NO UNAUTHORIZED bouffer le mains (C60 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 2" Prion Tapes, Pr6, 1987, Germany)
16. BENE GESSERIT AND USWARD intelligent life (C60 "Secret Mind - Postal Project", Insane Music, INS 52, 1989, Belgium)
17. DAS PROBLEM vulkan (CDr "Leben am Fusse des Vulkans", Lebensgefahr, 2006, Germany)
18. OVERKNOX herz in deiner hand (MC, Germany)
19. DIE LEBENDE DOSIS set-zen sie sich rich-tig rum hin (MC, Germany)
20. DAJAT INJA point of view (MC "Just For You", Schachtmeister Tapes, Germany)
21. DOC WÖR MIRRAN twang (C60 "Durchschnittsanfall Vol. 1", Prion Tapes, Pr5, 1987, Germany)
22. BIOPULS ja - nein - doch (C46 "Liebeslieder", Mare Enterprises, 1999, Germany)

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