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h1: Neue Online-Compilation: Rise 2014 M&E Showcase / Joachim Witt - Neues Album Neumond + Tournee / Bagband CDr + mehr...
h2: Cassette Culture

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik für's Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. CENSUS OF HALLUCINATIONS the forest stars signature (Online-Compilation "V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase", 2014-05-04, Music & Elsewhere, Soundcloud)
03. WALT THISNEY selling the sky (..."V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
04. META GEORGIA early bird (..."V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
05. THE PURPLE BETTER ONE one minute wonder (..."V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
06. LORD LITTER barego (..."V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
07. WATERCOLOURED WELL careless wisper ^^!!^^ flanger than paradise (...V.A. - Rise 2014 M&E Showcase"...)
08. JOACHIM WITT mein herz (2-CD "Neumond", 2014, Oblivion, SPV, Germany)
09. JOACHIM WITT spät (2-CD "Neumond", 2014, Oblivion, SPV, Germany)
10. WARNING why can the bodies fly (MCD "Why Can The Bodies Fly", 1988, Fontana, Germany)
11. JOACHIM WITT hoping (2-CD "Neumond", 2014, Oblivion, SPV, Germany)
12. BAGBAND staiger (extract I) (CDr "Staiger CDr", 2014, VEB Freie Brandstiftung, BB01, Germany)

13. WET TAXIS miniamata (MC "Taxidermy", 1980, Terse Tapes, Australia)
14. BAGBAND staiger (extract II) (CDr "Staiger CDr"...)
15. WET TAXIS FP219 (MC "Taxidermy", 1980, Terse Tapes, Australia)
16. THE TAPES low gear (C50 "Partitura Incompiuta Per Pianola Meccanica", Minus Habens, Italia)
17. ATTACKE pop-song (MC, Germany)
18. WILD GIFT strahlenkrankheit (C50 "Unite We Fight", PunkID, April 2010, Germany)
19. RAUSCHANGRIFF BILDbeschreibung (MC, Germany)
20. HACKE PETERS feucht & fröhlich (CDr "Die CD die erst komplett fertig wurde als der Sänger bereits die Band verlassen hatte und daher in dieser Form nicht in den Handel kommt, 2009, Germany)
21. YELWORC c.o.m.a. (MC, tanata$, Danse Macabre Records, krok 30, 1991, Germany)
22. LEFDUP & LEFDUP folio furieuse
23. M. NOMIZED quand le sexe passe (C60 "Sample 8", Red Neon Tapes, RN15, Belgium)
24. NANO-NANO ma buse (MC, Germany)

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