Locked Groove - Eleven (Life and Death)
Patrick Raddatz - Your time is up (unreleased)
Atom ™ - Riding the Void (Consumed Remix) (Raster Noton)
Omar Souleyman - Ensaa El Aaltab (Modeselektor) (Monkeytown)
Matthias Vogt - In full swing (ALMA)
Patrick Raddatz - Superol (unreleased)
Sebastian Voigt - Smoke and Mirrors (Luv Shack)
Janis - Never There (Smile for a while)
Jeff Mills - Spiralism (Axis)
Patrick Raddatz - Brothers gonna work it out (Unreleased)
Elektro Guzzi -Atlas (Kink Remix) (Macro)
WSM feat. Aanya - Dancer (Amsq)

Studiogast: Patrick Raddatz [robert johnson theorie, institut für klangforschung]