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Tracklist 06.09.2014 (Host: Paul Wolf & Holger Menzel)

Souleance – BBQ and Pimms
Tyron Ashley – Just a little while longer
Supamoma – My Name
Lord Finesse – Hands ist he tie Mouth shut
Gangstar – Movin Out
Rodney P – Live Up
Dedy Dread + Mr Bird – Love On Fire
Bulljun – Theme from Full Time Playboy
Young Pulse – All This Love I have
Damn Sam – Hard Times
Honey Cone – Wants Ads
The Bladerunners – North of the bb.n
ChariZma + Peanut Butter Wolf – Raquel
Prof. Brian Oblivan – The Bizarre
Nick Pride & The Pimptones – Shimmy
Red Astaire – Make it Sexy
Marvin Gaye – What's Going On (Rmx)
Scrimeshire Edits – Stevie's Lady
Mark 45 Session – A Frame of Mind (Mr.K Edit)
J Boogie – Go To Work
ILL Boogs – Funky Ghost Town
ILL Boogs – Iron House
Amrals's Trinidad Cavaliers – IT Sure Is Funky
Gay Philadelphians – Hot Pants Road
Vandu Game - Pas Contente
Lack Of Afro – Numero Seinto
Jackie Wilson – You keep me hanging on
Marayln Barbarin & The Soulfinders – Reborn
Soopasoul – It's just Began
Rock & Rob Base – It Takes Two
Kool G Rap & Dj Polo – On The Run
The Boogie Man – When The Funk Rains Down
Freqnik and WDRE – Set It Off
Mr Fantastic & Retna - What your Rhythm
Mighty Mocambos feat. Afrika Bambata & Charly Funk – It's The Music
Young Pulse – MJ Wanna Be Where You Are
Freqnik and WDRE – Stomp Tramp
The Leisure Allstars – How We Roll
The Good People