Lee Morgan - Search For The New Land (Blue Note)
Ibu Selva - Babosa (Tropical Twista)
Yosi Hirikawa - Song For Nola (White)
Madison Washington - Code Switchin’ (White)
Yusef Lateef - Like It Is (Atlantic)
Kutiman - Falling (Feat Princess Shaw) (White)
Maurice Brown - Destination Hope (Feat Chris Turner & J. Ivy) (Mobetta Music)
79ers Gang - Wrong Part of Town (Sinking City)
Miuex - Shenzhen (Bandcamp)
Bruce - Post Rave Wrestle (Mosca’s Dead Leg Version) (Time Dance)
Torben - Kasheyr (White)
Gerry Read - Man From The Moon Came Down Too Soon (Ramp)
Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Innocence (Sony)
Willie Harper - I Don't Need You Anymore (Tou-Sea)
Jay Roy - Blue As a Man Can Be (Tou-Sea)
Lee Bates - Easy Easy (Sansu)
ATG - Dancing Lady (Sansu)
Bill Evans Trio - Milestones (MSP)
Criolo - Calcada (White)
Scott Xylo - Ayaba Ft. Obongjayar (White)
Waqwaq Kingdom - It’s Good (Jahtari)
Kalahar - Ngumi (Rump)
Sjob Movement - Love Affair (Culture of Soul)
Jun Kamoda - Blind Disco (Black Acre)
M’Bamina - Mosi Zole (EVM128 Edit Overdub) (Light In The Attic)