Mother braintree Let Me Stay Beside You (White)
Arnold Blair - Finally Made It Home (Super Disco Edits)
Douglas Lonero - This Time (RCA)
Trevor Lawrence Jr - Cornerstone (ft Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin, Nico Segal) (Ropeadope)
Material & Whitney Houston - Memories (Celluloid New York)
Illa J - Sam Cook (White)
Slum Village - Jealousy (Good Vibes Recordings)
Madison Washington - Code Switchin’ (White)
Penguin Cafe - The Track Of The Dull Sun (Erased Tapes)
Grand Brothers - Bloodflow (White)
Natureboy Flako - MovementII (White)
Greymatter - Video Freaks (Ossie Remix) (White)
Bullion - Spin2Glory (White)
Joao Donato e Donatinho - Lei Do Amor (Deckdisc)

45s Mix

James Rivers - It's All Over (Kon-Ti)
Early Editions - What Is Wrong with Groovin’ (Aries)
John Heartsman and Circles - Talking About My Baby (AOTN)
Carrie Cleveland - I Need Love (Audio-Ent)
Lucifer and Co - Eden (Disques Vogue)
Serge Gainsbourg - Sex Shop (Fontana)
The Theo Loevendie Consort - Mr Brook (Catfish)
Don Alias - Sweetie-Pie (Kickin’)
Lynn Collins- Rock Me Again and Again (Polydor)
Lyn Collins - You Can't Love Me If You Don't Respect Me(People)
Mickey and the Soul Generation- Iron Leg (GCP)
Visioneers - Runnin' (Omniverse)
Triste Janero - In the Garden (Jazzman)
Trio Ternura - A Gira (Polydor)
Luiza Maura - Deixa Girar (Copacabana)
Alcione - Este Mundo Tem (RCA Victor)
Steve Parks - Sadness in my Samba (45 version) (Reynolds)

Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul - While I'm Alone (Gregar)
Lee Bates - Easy Easy (Sansu)
Jorge Darden - Please Don't Stop The Music (Ladonia)
The Gunter Kallmann Choir - Daydream (polydor)
Bottle tree - Open Secret (International Anthem)
Bulla en El Barrio - Escuda de Tambo (NYCT)
Aybee - Neukolln Cohibas (DMK)


Code Walk - Guess What (feat. Smerz) (Ex Local)