29th Street Saxophone Quartet - Wheel With A Wheel (New Note)
Bill Wells - Yenissey (Seksound)
Jon Batiste - Green Hill Zone (Verve)
Ronald Longstout - In the Middle Of The Night (White)
Afrodisia - Could It Only Be Me (Comma Records)
Spaceark - Welcome To My Door (Color World)
Los Reyses 73 - Finalisiando un Amor (Areito)
Jowee Omicil - Mende Lolo (Jazz Village France)
El Babaku - El Babaku (MPS Records)
Dizzy K - Take It To The DJ (Sticky Buttons)
Sun Palace - If You Wanna Be A Beggar (Chuwanaga)
Dance Com a Gente - Let's Dance (Fermata)
Feeling Kreyol - Las Pale (Astérie)
Energize - Star Of The Disco (Energize Records)
Divine Situation - The Problem Solver (Moton Records)
Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning (Atlantic)
Atmosfear - Invasion (Elite)
Michal Urbaniak - Body English (Arista)
Ursula Dudziak - Night In Tunisia (Arista)
Ennio Morricone - Il Gatto A Nove Code (Dagored)
Bel-Air Project - Dark Jazzor (Future Talk)
Misha Panfilov - Flaming (FNR)
Masahiko Sato - Funny Feeling (Finders Keepers Record)
Thomas Xu - Different Wisdoms (White)
Amar Misu - Goldie (White)
Daniel Brandt - Flamingo (Erased Tapes)
Lonnie Holley - I Woke Up In a Fucked-Up America (Jagjaguwar)
Mickey Pearce - Damage (Box of Toys)
Muscovic Dance Band - Things To Do (Soundway)
Manuel Alvarez - Batuka (Curramba)