Omsk Vs. Walker – Case In Point

SCSI – Slac Slic

Majenta – Let Yrself Be

Lauer – Sheldor

Disco Dub Band / For The Love Of Money -

Goldy – Kemestry/ Justin Martin Remix

Lazyboy – Police Dogs Bonfire

Justin Martin – Molokini

Mike Uzzi & Ben Recht – Do You Have Anything To Say?

Jahcoozi – Black Barbie

Derrick May- Strings Of Life

Detroit Grand Pubas – Skydive From Venus / Deetron Remix

Locussolus – Berghein / Darkroom Mix

Hunderd20 – Upper Ally

Mind Fair Pres. 21St Century Fox - Serious Love

Motor City Drum Ensemble – There Is A Truth

Storm Queen – Let´s Make Mistakes

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Row Cuts bside

Mel &Kim - Showing Out / Get Fresh ForThe Weekend