mit Andreas & Zwen

01 House Of Love- destroy the heart
02 Jack Penate- got my favourite
03 The Trash Can Sinatras- who´s he
04 Popundret- stab me
05 Television Personalities- Arthur the gardener
06 Jens Lekman- I don´t know what love is
07 Dexys Midnight Runners- the celtic soul brothers
08 Orange Juice- lean periode
09 Lou Rawls- I´ll never find a love like mine
10 Bobby Womack- home is where the heart is
11 Kenny Williams- (you´re) fabulous babe
12 Candace Love- wonderful night
13 Millionairs- you´ve got to love your baby
14 Tony Hestor- down in the dumps
15 Lost Generation- you only get out of love
16 Clarence Reid- masterpiece
17 Robert Parker- I caught you in a lie
18 Willie Bollinger- I won´t have to cry no more
19 Lovin´ Spoonful- you didn´t have to be so nice
20 The Association- snow queen
21 The Monkees- a little bit me, a little bit you
22 The Rubinoos- fallin´ in love
23 Nick Herrison- oi! rude boy
24 Kask- younger generation
25 Petula Clark- sign of the times
26 Edwin Starr- I can´t replace my old love
27 Arthur Adams- I can´t believe my eyes
28 The T.S.U. Tornados- got to get through to you
29 Wee Willie Walker- I don´t want to take a chance
30 Shawn Lee feat. Fanny Franklin- cruel woman
31 Wayne Warren- Sam, we will never forget you
32 The Bamboos feat. Bobby Flynn- midnight
33 Marys Mine- Marvin
34 The Blow Monkeys- checkin´ out
35 Cottonmouth- treat you kindly