mit hose

01 Eggstone- good morning

02 The Brights- London belongs to me

03 Orange Juice- Satellite City

04 Friends- you´ll never see that summertime again

05 Sneaky Feelings- coming true

06 Belle & Sebastian- perfect couples

07 Biff Bang Pow- there you go again

08 Brideshead- the lonliest boy in the world

09 Five Guys Named Moe- if I were a man

10 George Ezra- Budapest

11 Jonathan Jeremiah- lost

12 Lovin Spoonful- do you believe in magic

13 The Newell Octet- baby, I´m yours

14 Helen Shapiro- tell me what he said

15 The LOvelites- you better stop it

16 Joe Bataan- cowboys to girls

17 The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker- get up on living

18 Bobby Boyd- why are you crying