mit Zwen


01 Hideki Kaji- Lipstereo

02 The School- do I love you

03 The Proclaimers- the other side

04 Newcolours- the catcher

05 Aztec Camera- walk out to winter

06 M. Walking On the Water- bury me upright

07 Robert Forster- love is where it is

08 Crybaby- weßre supposed to be in love

09 Cinerama- back a bit...stop

10 Rocko Schamoni & L´Orchestre Mirage- die geheime Weltregierung

11 Men Of NOrth Country- teenage frost (northern version)

12 New Colour- why did we say goodbye

13 Lucinda Slim- you didn´t mean it

14 Lynne Randell- stranger in my arms

15 Lou Roberts- everything you always wanted to know about love

16 The 3 Pieces- if only I could prove to you

17 Jerry Butler- one night affair

18 Sidney Barnes- man in a million