Playlist Machtdose vom 08.10.2015 mit Roderik Becker

Musik aus Dublin:
Rhob Cunningham – The Numbers
Rhob Cunningham – Something Happened on the Way
Villagers – Everything I Am Is Yours
Rhob Cunningham – Ghosts
Lisa Hannigan – Pistacio
The Gloaming – The Sailor’s Bonnet
Girl Band – In My Head
Rhob Cunningham – Dear Red-Eyed Lover

Musik aus Kanada & den USA:
Aidan Knight – Singer Songwriter
Aidan Knight – Dream Team
Joan Shelley – Wine and Honey
Joan Shelley – Not Over By Half
Deradoorian – A Beautiful Woman
Deradoorian – Expanding Flower Planet
Destroyer – Sun in the Sky