SIMON WERNER A DISPARU – Dans Les Bois, M. Rabier / Sonic Youth
RED ALERT 3 – THEME (PC GAME OST) - Sowjet March / James Hannigen
DIE KLAPPERSCHLANGE – The President At The Train / John Carpenter
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR – Trial Before Pilate / Andrew Lloyd Webber
HOW HIGH – How High Remix / Method Man and Red Man
HELP/ZOMBIE – Help / The Zombeatles
HELP! – Act Naturaly / The Beatles, Ringo Starr
HOW TO BEAT THE HIGHT COAST OF LIVING – Night Moves / PatricWilliams
AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY - My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves / Amitab
WASHINGTON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS – Behind Closed Doors Disco / Dominic Frontiere
SPONGE BOB – The Best Day Ever – (Sponge Bob) / Tom Kenny, Andy Paley
LORNA – Watchin Lorna Swimming / James Griffith, Hal Hopper
THE DEEP – Theme From The Deep / John Barry, Donna Summer
CANNABIS – Cannabis / Serge Gainsbourg
THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES BACK – Come To Me / Henry Mancini, Tom Jones, Peter Sellers
THE BIG CHILL – Whats Going On / Marvin Gaye
THE MACK – I Choose You / Willie Hutch
THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES BACK – Come to me / Peter Sellers
CHEBURASHKA – Cheburashka & Krokodil Gena / Wladimir Schainski
THE MUPPET MOVIE – Rainbow Connection / Jim Handson, Paul Williams, Kenneth Ascher
SOUTHERN COMFORT – Titeltheme / Ry Cooder
SIMON WERNER A DISPARU – Au Café / Sonic Youth
DR. NO What's Your Name? - Zinnon / Brian Carter
THERE´S NO BUISNESS LIKE SHOWBUISNESS FINALE / Irving Berlin, Ethel Merman, Marilyn Monroe