BLACKPOWER MIXTAPE – All Things To All Men / The Cinematic Orchestra fest. Roots Manoova

DJANGO UNCHAINED – 100 Black Coffins / Rick Ross

MOONRISE KINGDOM – The Heroic Weather / Conditions Of The Universe / Alexandre Desplat, Mark Mothersbaugh

BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO – Teresa, Lark of Ascension / Broadcast

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANIS – Moon River / Henry Mancini

THE MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR – I'm going in a field / Ivor Cutler (Outtake)

THE WARRIORS – Echos In My Mind / Mandrill

HEAT – Top O' The Morning To Ya / House of Pain

LES STANCES A SOPHIE – Theme De Yoyo / Art Ensemble Of Chicago/Fontenella Bass

BREAKING BAD – Major Tom (Karaoke Version) / Gale Boetcher

FRAKTUS – Uuntergund / Fraktus

BAD NEWS – Hey Hey Bad News! / Bad News

EAT THE RICH – Eat The Ric / Motörhead

TENACIOUS D – HBO TV Series – The Greatest Song in the World / Tenacious D

SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS – All My Friends / LCD Ssound System

BREAKING BAD – Crapa Pelada / Quartetto Cetra

ASPHALT COWBOY - A Famous Myth / The Groop

ZABRISKI POINT – Dance Of Death / John Fahey

DJANGO – Django / Louis Bacalov

HOUSE SAFE FOR TIGERS – Our Little Boy Blue / Lee Hazlewood

JUNGLE BOOK - Jungle Book Groove / R.M. Sherman