Die Farbe Rot im Film Pt. II

DARIYA DIL – Superman Superman / Rajesh Roshan

DER ROTE COSAR – Crimson Pirate Suite / William Alwyn

BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS – In The Long Run / Carrie Nations

THE RED SHOES – Heart Of Fire Overture / Brian Esdale

ANATHOMY OF A MURDER – Main Title / Duke Ellington

THE MASK OF THE RED DEATH – Main Title / David Lee

LADY IN RED – Lady In Red / Chris De Burch

THE HUNT FOR THE RED OCTOBER – Hymn to Red October / Basil Poledouris

DR. SCHIWAGO – Main Title / Maurice Jarre

RED DAWN – Main Title / Basil Poledouris

DJANGO UNCHAINED – I’ve Got A Name / Jim Croce

RED DEAD REDEMTION (Computerspiel) – Triggerhometry / Bill Elm, Woody Jackson

BLACK SWAN – A Swan Song (For Nina) / Clint Mansell

RED RIDING HOD – The Wolf / Fever Ray

TOUNTÉE – My Girl’s Pussy / Suzanne Ramsey

BURLESQUE – Show Me How to Burlesque / Christina Aguilera

R.E.D. – Home In Your Heard / Solomon Bruke

PINK FLAMINGOS – The Swag / Link Wray, His Raymen

DER SCHARLACHROTE PIRAT – Trailer / John Addison

BARBARELLA – Barbarella / The Glitterhouse

THE ANGRY RED PLANET – Trailer / Paul Dunlap

CARRY – Born to Have it All / Katie Irwing

EIN FREMDER OHNE NAMEN – Main Title / Dee Barton