Öder Abend: 26.12.2022

Hamish Kilgour 1957-2022

01 born in the wrong time (the great unwashed)
02 on again / off again (the clean)
03 at the bottom (the clean)
04 getting older (the clean live 1982 auckland)
05 drawing to a whole (the clean)
06 crazy radiance (hamish kilgour)
07 yesterday was (the great unwashed)
08 boat with no ocean (the great unwashed live 1984 auckland)
09 billy two (the clean)
10 tally ho (the clean)
11 in love with these times (bailter space)
12 point that thing somewhere else (the clean)
13 whatever i do it’s right (the clean)
14 what you should be now (the great unwashed)
15 stars (the clean)
16 hold on to the rail (the great unwashed)
17 smile (hamish kilgour)
18 odditty (the clean)
19 fish (the clean)