soulsearching #725 international
w/michael rütten
& Lord Echo words & music
plus Saigon Super Sound feature

Sun Ra - Somebody Else's World - Strut
Weldon Irvine - Morning Sunrise - Saucerman Records

LORD ECHO World Of Sound words & music
Lord Echo - Whoah! There's No Limit - Soundway
Lord Echo - Wang East - Wonderful Noise
Lord Echo - Do You Dub - Soundway
Lord Echo - Life On Earth feat. Mara TK - Soundway
Lord Echo - Makossa No. 3 - Soundway
Lord Echo - Sweetest Meditation feat. Mara TK - Soundway
Lord Echo - Bohemian Idol - Bastard Jazz
Lord Echo - Low To The Street feat. Lisa Tomlins - Soundway
Bobbi Humphrey - Harlem River Drive - Blue Note
Lord Echo - I Love Music feat. Lisa Tomlins - Soundway

Hugh Masekela & Hedzoleh Soundz - Patience - Blue Thumb
Nicola Cruz - Puente Roto (Quantic Remix) - ZZK Records
Aron Ottignon - Hot Tub (Jazzanova Remix) - Blue Note

SAIGON SUPER SOUND feature with Jan Hagenkoetter
Hoa Tau - Pho Dem - INFRACom!
Thanh Vu - Neu Minh Con Yeu Nhau - INFRACom!
Hung Cuong & Mai Le Huyen- Song Cho Nhau - INFRACom!
Kim Loan - Can Nha Ngoai O - INFRACom!
Van Son & Thuy Dung - Chon Mat Gui Vang - INFRACom!
Mai Dieu Linh - Intro - White
Hung Curong & Mai Le Huyen - Song Cho Nhau - Tuan Hai
AVT - Phuong Tam - Tuong Hai
Kich Dong Nhac A.V.T. - Tam Nghieo - Lu Lien
Son Ca - Hoa Mi Ca - Vinh Su
Hoia Tau - Pho Dem - Tam Anh


welcome to soulsearching 725.
did so many interviews throughout the last weeks,
so it is about time to share these words & music specials step by step now.
first up it is Lord Echo out of his World Of Sound in Wellington, we had a nice chat about
his new album "Harmonies" (Soundway) and much more in between. Niceness.
second up it's a jump from Aotearoa to Vietnam, back into the time between 1965-1975.
Jan Hagenkoetter telling the story behind his outstanding project and compilation called
"Saigon Super Sound" (INFRACom! out 5th May 2017), including a little mixtape done by him and DJ Antoine "Datodeo" from Saigon.

enjoy the music. x

ps, more specials to come soon...Tony Allen, Dwight Trible & Matthew Halsall, Little Dragon, ....