• Café del Mash - Intro
  • Mighty Mike - Sacré Billy
  • DRA'man - Paparazzi kills me
  • DJ Pozsi - RED HOT JUNGLE  (Red Hot Chilli Peppere vs. Kiril)
  • DJ Schmolli - Endless Summer Of 69
  • chocomang - Just Like Rain (Blind Melon vs The Cure)
  • LeeDM101 - A Blue Order On A New Monday (New Order vs New Order vs New Order...)
  • DJ Tyme & Nathan Scot - Born This Way In The U.S.A
  • DJ Schmolli - Rock Of Ages
  • Smash - R U Gonna Be My TV?
  • Lenlow - Aretha World Aretha Worrrld
  • DJ Schmolli - Roam You
  • amoraboy - Sweet kung fu o-mine
  • Intro
  • DRA'man - Gossip VS REM - losing my world
    Instrumental: REM - Losing my religion
    Acapella: GOSSIP - Perfect world
  • The Reborn Identity - Trembling Days
    - The Temper Trap - Trembling Hands (vocals)
    - Patrick Wolf - The Days (instrumental)
  • Ryan Nellis - Vehicle Dust (Queen - Another one bites the dust vs. Chet Baker - Vehicle)
  • Mighty Mike - The Police / Bruno Mars - The lonely song
    instrumental : Bruno Mars - The lazy song
    acapella : The Police - So lonely
  • DRA'man - Tom Petty VS The sound defects - Take out a dream
    Instrumental: The Sound Defects - Take out
    Acapella & Guitar: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Runnin' down a dream
  • Mashed And Confused - Marvin Gaye Vs Billy Idol - "Eyes Going Without A Face"
    Acap: Marvin Gaye "What's Going On"
    Music: Billy Idol "Eyes Without A Face"
    + some funky vintage electronics sounds (various synths & drum machines) + defo some "french touch" mixing
  • DRA'man - Imagine the World
    Instrumental: Morcheeba - Gained the World
    Acapella: John Lennon - Imagine
  • MadMixMustang [MMM] Dirty Roxanne (The Police vs Michael Jackson)
    The Police - Roxanne
    Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
  • DJ MikeA: Pixies vs. Devo vs. James Blunt - Hey give me some cool love
    Pixies - Hey (acapella)
    Devo - Through Being Cool (acapella)
    James Blunt - Give Me Some Love (instrumental)
  • DJ Zebra - Roxanne should be dancing (Police vs. Bee Gees)
  • DRA'man - Imagine the World
    Instrumental: Morcheeba - Gained the World
    Acapella: John Lennon - Imagine
  • Totom - Every kind of creep (Zebraremix) Radiohead (Creep) vs. Robert Palmer (Every kind of people)
  • Intro Café del Mash
  • Mighty Mike - Bee Gees / Kasabian - Stayin Underdog
    Instrumental : Kasabian - Underdog
    Acapella : Bee Gees - Stayin' alive
  • LoBSTeRDuST: Soft Cell vs. Depeche Mode :: Tainted Jesus
  • DRA'man - David Bowie vs VV Brown - Ziggy's crying
    Instrumental: VV BROWN Crying blood
    Acapella: DAVID BOWIE Ziggy stardust
  • DJ NuLamb - Livin' With Eleanor (The Beatles vs. Bon Jovi) - Livin' With Eleanor
    Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
    The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
    incl Police, Billy Joel
  • LeeDM101:Crazy Rabbit (Seal/Radiohead/The Doors/Miles Davis) Seal - Crazy (vocal)
    Radiohead - Rabbit in your headlights (piano loop)
    The Doors - Break on through (drum, bass & keyboard stems)
    Miles Davis - Trumpet solo
  • Fissunix - Fugue To Die in E minor (Mashup Remix)
    Mental : JS Bach - Prelude & Fugue No. 10 In E Minor, BWV 855 + Drum pattern + Bass Synth + Guitar Solo from Jean Pascal Boffo.
    Pella : Lana Del Rey - Born to die + Movies samples from "A Dangerous
    Method" & "Shame"
  • G3RSt - When I Come Around Kansas City (Green Day vs "Jelly Roll" Morton's Red Hot Peppers)
    Green Day - When I Come Around
    "Jelly Roll" Morton's Red Hot Peppers - Kansas City Stomps
  • DRA'man - Whip the girlfriend - Avril Lavigne VS Devo
    Instrumental: AVRIL LAVIGNE Girlfriend
    Acapella & keybords: DEVO Whip it
  • DJ MikeA: Pixies vs. Devo vs. James Blunt - Hey give me some cool love
    Pixies - Hey (acapella)
    Devo - Through Being Cool (acapella)
    James Blunt - Give Me Some Love (instrumental)
  • Amoraboy - Rihanna vs Men At Work - Down umbrella
    Men at Work's singer Greg Ham died April 19th
    instru : Men At Work - Down under
    acapella : Rihanna - Umbrella
  • Mashed And Confused - The Eagles Vs AC/DC Life in the Black lane
    The Eagles "Life In The Fast Lane" vs AC/DC "Back in Black"
  • Bob Marley vs Noah & The Whale (Loo & Placido) Marley & The Whale
    Bob Marley vs Noah & The Whale
    [S]Mashed by Loo & Placido
  • Sendeloch :(
  • DJ Schmolli - Beautiful
  • Phil RetroSpector - Sexual Clockwork
  • mARKYbOYMashups - Avril Ickle Thing She Does Is Magic
  • Shatterglass - Fresh Street
  • LeeDM101 - Chain Assault
  • DJ Y alias JY + MashMike - Los Blinkos 182
  • Norwegian Recycling - Whitney
  • DJ Prince - Jesus Christ What Time is Love
  • Reborn Identiy - This Charming Video Game (Smiths vs. Lana del Rey)
  • DJ Mike A - Everybody's heroes (REM vs. Bowie-Cover)
  • Revolution with Butterfly wings (Smashing Pumpkins vs. Beatles)
  • [MMM] MadMixMustang - Prince vs. Jackson 5 - ABC Street
  • Pytski - Electric Light Orchestra vs Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Showdown
  • DJ Y alias JY - Queen vs. Run DMC - Another One Bites This Way
  • Pytski - Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Amy Winehouse - Tell Me Amy (Pytski Mashup)
  • El Barto & Liam B - The Verve v. Marvin Gaye
  • Pytski - Blur vs Kylie Minogue vs Duffy - Girls & Boys' Hearts for Mercy
  • DJ Schmolli - Dog 2 (Blur vs. Iggy & Stooges)
  • dj lobsterdust - Jenny's Superstitious (Stevie Wonder vs. The Killers)
  • G3RSt - Papa Was A Shock Of The Lightning
  • Phil RetroSpector - Don't Mo (Yazoo vs Four Tops)
  • mARKYbOY - Cloud Tag
  • The Reborn Identity - Gone to Heaven (Carbon Based Lifeforms vs. Jamiroquai vs. Atmosfear vs. Pixies vs. Calvin Harris)
  • DJ Zebra - Get it on my mind
  • Intro Mash up Industries - Café del Mash
  • TigerVegan: Learn to love Today - Foo Fighters vs. Mika
  • TigerVegan: I'm coming butterflies - Muse vs. Diana Ross
  • Michmash: Strange with the trumpets - Doors vs. Irgendwas Mariachi-artiges
  • Amoraboy: Roadhouse Personal Jesus Blues - Depeche Mode - Personal     Jesus, The Doors -Roadhouse blues (harmonica, piano)
  • PjotrQ: We will rock the revolution - Queen vs. T. Rex
  • Mashed and Confused: The Joker one of us - Steve Miller Band vs. Gladys Knight
  • Michmash: Free Riders - Queen vs. Doors
  • Elektrosound: Back to the 80ties - Alles mögliche aus den 80ties
  • Maze: Disco gasolina - Shantel vs. Pitbull
  • No Saturday Night Surgery: My own nowhere man - The Beatles - Nowhere Man vs Lit - My Own Worst Enemy
  • Fissunix: Is there a soul out there - Duffy vs. ABBA
  • Dj Frogg: I Don't Mean a Mash - Louis Armstrong&Duke Ellington vs Missy Elliot vs A.Skillz
  • HFBS & Marc Johnce: I Just Want You To Chase Every Waterfall - Snow Patrol/Coldplay/Police/Cheap Trick
  • Jeden 4. Montag im Monat von 19 - 20 Uhr

Ein Magazin, das sich mit Mash-Ups beschäftigt.

Ausschneiden und Einfügen sind die Hauptbeschäftigungen von Mash-Up-DJs. Ein Mash-up, auch Bootleg oder Bastard-Pop genannt, besteht aus zwei oder mehreren bekannten Songs, die kunstvoll ineinandergemixt werden.

In der Sendung Steuerung X stellen wir euch das Phänomen vor - und spielen vor allem viel Musik aus dieser in Frankfurt recht unbekannten Szene. Wir garantieren euch ein Wiederhören mit einigen Klassikern in völlig neuem Gewand - nämlich in Kombinationen mit anderen Klassikern. No Doubt mit Blur, Diana Ross mit AC/DC und die Bee Gees mit 50 Cent gehen nicht? Gehen doch - und wie!

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