Carrie Weston und DJ Vollkasko, Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Wenn einer eine Reise tut, dann kann er was erzählen. In diesem Fall DJ Vollkasko, und zwar dem gerngesehenen superstar rotation-Gast-DJ Carrie Weston (alias Meow Mix, alias Hey You Play The Good One, Smashing Time DJ-Team/Chicago & All Tomorrow's Parties/UK, usw. usf.) aus Chicago, und dann noch live on air in Carrie's wöchentlicher Radiosendung Reverberation auf Radio WLUW 88.7FM in, äh, schon wieder Chicago. Illinois. Genau. Und zwar erzählte 'Kasko von Bands aus Hessen, insbesondere Rhein-Main, und--aha!--aus der Schweiz. Liegt ja nahe.

Die Begegnung endete unentschieden. Das Rückspiel findet in Frankfurt statt.

Die Zorros:            The Final Countdown
Die Aeronauten:        Wie Es Sein Muss
Les Horribles Cernettes:     Antiworld
Apse:                The Crowned
Bailterspace:            Meeting Space
Elvis Presley:        Frankfort (sp) Special
Low 500:            A Gesture
sushi mob:            i go robot
Tame Impala:        That's All For Everyone
Mission Of Burma:    Part The Sea
Superstolk:            Katze
Boo Hoo:            The Secret Mall
Redondo Beat:        Can't wait until Saturday Night
Opossum:            Watchful Eye
Echo Lake:            In Dreams
The Montesas:        Lie To Me
King Khan:            Got The Itch
Erdmöbel:            Riecht Wie Teen Spirit
DIIV:                Past Lives
Crocodiles:            Electric Death Song
Besser:                Wir Blenden Grau
Rummelsnuff:        Halt durch!
Stereo Total:            Push It
Stereo Total:            In/Out
Thees Uhlmann:        Das hier ist Fussball
Doseone:            I Fell

Mrs. Angela W. - on her own

Vorgestellte Platten:

DRC Music- Kinshasa One Two

New Black- Couper Decaler Electronique

Liars- Wixiw

Scott Matthews- What The Night Delivers

Mike Wexler- Dispossession

Rufus Wainwright- Out Of The Game

The Walkmen- Heaven

Beach House- Bloom

The Tallest Man On Earth- There´s No Leaving Now


A.+A. Wörner- together:

Laurel Halo:  – Years – Thaw

Sun Araw: – Happy Song – Jungle

Trembling Bells + BPB: – Lord Bless All – I Made A Date
– Ferrari In A Demolition Derby – Love Is A Velvet Noose

Shannon Stephens + BPB: – Faces Like Ours – Care Of You

Fiona Apple: – Daredevil – Anything We Want – Hot Knife

Iron & Wine: – One More Try

Phantom Ghost: – Universal Prostitution – Dr. Schaden Freud
– Dreams Of Plush

Petter Carlsen: – Table For One – Spirits In Need – A Simple Reminder

Dirty Projectors: – About To Die – Gun Has No Trigger – Just From Chevron

Shake It Again!

Der zweite Jahrgang ausgewählter Mixgetränke, live zubereitet und verköstigt von und mit Alex, Ari, Beate, Isa, Lino, Claus-Jürgen & Charly.

Drinks und Songs in der Reihenfolge ihres Auftretens:

Bad Rosebud
Black-Eyed Susan
Betty Ford
Sex On The Beach
Schulschwänzers Fruit Punch
Double Alka Seltzer

Rod Stewart: Shake
Howlin' Wilf & The Vee Jays: Shake It
The Termites: Shake It Up
The Spurs: Alcohol Of Fame
Dent May: Meet Me In The Garden
Saturday Looks Good To Me: Alcohol
Oscar Brown Jr.: Somebody Buy Me A Drink
Mayer Hawthorne: Henny & Gingerale
Dub Pistols: Song For Summer
Sam Paglia: Soft Drink Jingle
Bro Robert: Alcohol
Dr. Elmo: Betty Ford Clinic
George Jones: If Drinking Don't Kill Me Her Memory Will
Bob Marley: Soul Shake Down Party
Louise Feron: L'ivresse Des Profondeurs
Tame Impala: Half Full Glass Of Wine
State Of Art: Cocktails
The Divine Comedy: A Drinking Song
Elliott Smith: Bottle Up And Explode!
Elvis Costello: A Drunken Man's Praise On Sobriety
TV Werbung: Speedy Alka Sltzer
Dr. Feelgood: Milk & Alkohol
Laserkraft 3D: Nein, Mann!


Fünf Ringe müsst ihr sein: Die Spiele der XXX. Olympiade zu Gast in der superstar rotation

Sportliche Höchstleistungen, präsentiert von den beliebten Sportmoderatoren Charles Sugarhand Reichelt & DJ Vollkasko.

Come with Me We'll Win    BOAT
Olympic Moon            Fezz
Mine Exclusively        Olympics
Bouncin' Ball            Othar Turner & The Rising Star Fife & Drum Band
Das hier ist Fußball (Naki Edit)    Thees Uhlmann
The Weight            Dear Nora
Weightlifting            Trashcan Sinatras
Weight Lifting Lulu        The Residents
Run Chicken Run [Instrumental, Cover Link Wray]    Thee Milkshakes
Runnin' Game            Karl Blau
Run Run Run            Jane Wiedlin
Lauf Los                     Die Braut Haut Ins Auge
I'd Rather Walk Than Run        Herman Dune
We are the men you'll grow to love soon        Let's wrestle
Mag Tischtennis        Sportfreunde Stiller
B. Bowman Hop        Bob Wills
Poison Arrow            ABC
Our Swords              Band Of Horses
Wild Esky                 Ashtray Boy
Girl Sailor                 The Shins
Dive For Your Memory    The Go-Betweens
Swim Team              Baby Teeth
Love, The Great Olympic Sport    The Winchell Riots
Tennis                       My Better Self
The Horse                Beach Fossils
High Horse              Daniel Johnston
Black Horse Ride        Shane Speal
1936 Olympic Victory    Jesse Owens
My Name is Jesse Owens        Na Style Jaa
Stand by me             Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)
Boxing Champ          Kaiser Chiefs
Boom Boom Mancini        Warren Zevon
Teddy Boy Kung-Fu Weapon    13 Cats
Gold                         Spandau Ballet
What's there in Space, my love?

DJ Vollkasko und du auf einer Reise durch Raum und Zeit, mit außerirdischen auf der Erde, Herdenmenschen im All, von der Erde zum Mond und zurück, eine Reise durch das Sonnensystem, und schließlich ab in eine andere Galaxie, um mal zu sehen, was auf deren Planeten so los ist... Die anderen fahren ja auch in Urlaub!

Space Age            The Monks
Constellations            Jack Johnson
The Space Race Is Over    Billy Bragg
Little Space Girl        Jesse Lee Turner
The Face from Outer Space    Jeff Barry, mit dem Orchester Billy Mure
Girlfriend Stole My Alien    DM Bob & Country JEM
Starman [ATOM's Space Funk Journey Remix]    David Bowie
Hardcore UFO's        Guided By Voices
It's a Scientific Fact        Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans
Stairway To The Stars    Ella Fitzgerald
Yuri Gagarin (Yuri's Night Theme Song)    Various Artists
Space Junk            DEVO
Satellite                TV On The Radio
Satellite                Giant Sand
Moon Baby            Bo Diddley
Lunar Module [Instrumental]    Ashtray Boy
Life On Moon [Instrumental]    GUZ
What's There In Space    Yogoman Burning Ban
Space                The Beta Band
Winston's Atomic Bird    Boston Spaceships
Rakete                Wohnraumhelden
Ballrooms of Mars        T.Rex
Take Meta Mars        The Flaming Lips
Pluto                    Björk
Beyond The Utopian Convergence [Instrumental]    ROYAL SPACE FORCE
Intergalactic            Beastie Boys
Spaced Out            The Grifters
Set The Controls For the Heart of the Sun [Cover Pink Floyd]    SCIFLYER
Distant Sun            Crowded House
Planet Of Sound        Pixies
God Morgon            AP3S
The Screamin' Meemies from Planet X    Merv Griffin
Antiworld                Les Horribles Cernettes
Another Girl, Another Planet        The Only Ones
Cocktails In Space [Instrumental]    Dana Countryman

Super Starr Rotationn with Joseph Bercek

am Mikrofon.

01. Merry Clayton - Southern Man
02. Los Torpedos - In a gadda da vida
03. Lone Ranger - Barnabas Collins
04. Der Plan - Alte Pizza
05. Frank Zappa - Don´t eat yellow snow
06. Frank Zappa - Nanook rubs it
07. The Clash - Know your rights
08. Sono Rhizmo - My house
09. Toots & The Maytals - Start me up
10. Deep Purple vs. Freestylers - Smoked up
11. Tom Waits - Step right up
12. Trinity - Dangerous rockers and ting
13. The Cramps - Kizmiaz
14. Jonathan Richman - Harpo en su harpa
15. Tafo - Na main chini na japani
16. The Specials - Too much too young
17. Caro Emerald - Stuck
18. Senator McKinley - Wild thing
19. S.Y.P.H. - Pamela
20. The Stooges - I wanna be your dog
21. Sun Ra - Watussa
22. The Gun Club - Brother and Sister
23. Groucho Marx - Lydia the tatooed lady
24. Dennis Alcapone - The funky tang
25. Supermax vs. Trio - Lovemachine (MashMike Edit)
26. Little Willie John - I´m shakin'
27. Green Arrows - Mwana Waenda
28. Stevie Wonder - I wish (Dance Dance Dance Remix)
29. Ecklecktic Mick - Boogie Children

01. Skeewiff - Coming home baby
02. Andre Williams - Dirt
03. FSK - I wish I could sprechen sie deutsch
04. Ebo Taylor - Heaven
05. Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena (Starkillers 2010 Remix)
06. Skeewiff - Man of constant sorrow
07. Tritons - Satisfaction
08. The Nazis From Mars - Primitive
09. Renegades Of Jazz - Whipped up
10. Violent Femmes - Crazy
11. Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Introduction
12. Can - Vitamin C (E-Rock Edit)
13. Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll (Gigamesh Edit)
14. Rizzle Kicks - Mama do the hump
15. Renato Carosone - O Sarracino (Mix by Fleximebeats)
16. Rose Mitchell - Baby please don´t go
17. Tenor Fly - Bump and grind
18. Billy Hawks - Oh Baby (Leftside Wobble Edit)
19. Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love (V´s dub Edit)
20. Julie Andrews - How nuns get down (Ryan M Taylor Mas)
21. The Dirtbombs - Secret code
22. Basement Jaxx - Jump & Shout (Prodjé Moombahton Edit)
23. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bass Culture (Remix)
24. Elvis Costello - Pump it up (Mischief Brew Re-Edit)
25. Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Love for evermore (James Copeland Moonshine Bootleg)
26. LCD Soundsystem vs. The Knack - North American Scum (Zenon Marko Edit)
27. Minimatic - My Zindy (Edit)
28. Morrissey - Every day is like sunday (Jimmy C. Remix)