Superstar Rotation

Playlist vom 28.04.2013 und 24.03.2013

mit A. u. A. Wörner


"Talk to me devil, again"

Wir haben Jason Molina an diesem Abend nochmal zu uns sprechen lassen, vor allem mit seinen Bands

Songs : Ohia und Magnolia Electric Co.

Leider ist J.M. am 16.März im Alter von 39 Jahren an Organversagen gestorben aufgrund von Alkoholismus. Seine Musik hat und wird uns weiterhin lange begleiten.


- Talk To Me Devil Again

- Don´t Fade On Me

- I`ve Been Riding With The Ghost

- The Dark Don´t Hide It

- Hard To Love A Man

- Rider. Shadow. Wolf (B-Seite der Single "JOSEFINE")


- Heart My Heart

- The Harvest Law

- First Footing

Songs: Ohia:

- The Blue Jay

- 7th Street Wonderland (Untitled 7 " SINGLE- Western Vinyl)

- Darling You Are... (Untitled 7 " SINGLE- Western Vinyl)

- This Time Anything Finite At All

- Captain Badass

- Love & Work

Molina & Johnson:

- 34 Blues

Amalgated Sons Of Rest:

- The Gipsy He- Witch

Will Oldham:

- The Gipsy He- Witch ( Benefiz-Album mit Coverversionen "WEARY ENGINE BLUES")

Molina & Roberts:

- Ten Thousand Miles


- Cabwaylingo ( vom Live-Album " MI SEI APPARSO COME UN FANTASMO")

- Ring The Bell

- The Body Burned Away

- Tigress

- Being In Love


- No Moon On The Water ( von der Compilation "SOJOURNER"- Nashville Moon)

- Hope Dies Last

weitere geplante Songs, die nicht mehr in die Sendezeit passten:

S.O.-Tigress, Two Blue Lights,Cotton Hill,Pass,All Pass 

Magnolia- Will-O-The Wisp, Take One Thing Along,Almost Was Good Enough, The Big Beast - The Road Becomes What You Leave

J.M. - Spectral Alphabet, It´s Easier Now


"...and when you leave me, I will burn on in your soul"

- Jason Molina (Captain Badass)




Crime & The City Solution - Goddess -Domina -Beyond Good And Evil - American Twilight

Nick Cave - We No Who U R - Mermaids - Higgs Boson Blues

Roger Knox - Wayward Dreams - Ticket To Nowhere - Warrior In Chains

Dawn Mc Carthy & Bonnie Prince Billy - Breakdown - What Am I Living For- So Sad

Ron Sexsmith - Blind Eye - Sneak Out The Backdoor - The Morning Light

Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes - Default

John Grant - Pale Green Ghost (No Ceremony RMX) - Black Belt ( Hercules&Love Affair RMX) - Why Don´t You Love Me (Nivolt RMX)