in vinyl veritas quartus

DJ Vollkasko

Die letzte superstar rotation aller Zeiten aus Studio 1 im Funkhaus Schützenstraße 12! Aber keine Sorge--nach dem Umzug nach Bockenheim sind wir bald wieder live im Äther.

Erst jedoch diese Sendung: DJ Vollkasko hat aus Barcelona komische Platten mitgebracht. Zwischen großartigen Entdeckungen und grausamem Trauma schwankend bleibt kein Auge trocken!

Live on air, last superstar rotation ever from Studio 1! But don't worry, we'll be back after the move to the new premises.

But first this show: DJ Vollkasko scored a bunch of weird-ass records on his trip to Barcelona. Tottering between amazing discoveries and terrifying trauma, there won't be a dry eye left in the house!

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M: The Official Secrets Act (LP, 1980)
Transmission (The World is at your Fingertips)
Join the Party!
Working for the Corporation

Elizabeth Barraclough: Hi! (LP, 1979)
Produced by Willie Mitchell, feat. The Memphis Horns & Strings, Paul Butterfield/harmonica.
Space Shuttle Shuffle
Bird in a Cage

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence! (OST, LP 1983)
Forbidden Colours (feat. David Sylvain)

Eumir Deodato: Deodato 2 (LP, 1973)
Skyscapers (feat. Stanley Clarke, bass)

The Love Unlimited Orchestra: White Gold (LP, 1974, US #28, US R&B #10)
Barry White's Big Band!
Always Thinking of You
Power of Love

The Pasadenas: To Whom It May Concern (LP. 1988, UK #3, US R&B #49)
Riding on a Train (UK #13, US R&B #73)
Justice for the World
Something Else

The Fat Boys: Coming Back Hard Again (LP, 1988, US #33, US R&B #30)
Pig Feet

Grandmaster & Melle Mel: White Lines (12'' Maxi, 1983)
White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) (UK #7, US Hot R&B #47)

The V.I.P.s: (Early Spooky Tooth) (LP, 1964-67, reissue 2008)
Stagger Lee

Moon Martin: Freedom From Domination (LP, 1979, US #80)
Rolene (US #30)
No Chance (US #50)

Moon Martin: X-Ray Vision (12'' Maxi, 1982)
Produced by Robert Palmer.

Don Craine's New Downliners Sect: Roses (7'', 1966, reissue 2007)
I can't get away from you

I am Kloot: 3 Feet Tall (7'', 2003)
3 Feet Tall (UK #46)
From Your Favorite Sky

Secret Machines: Sad and Lonely (7'', 2004)
Sad and Lonely (UK #38)
Astral Weeks (Van Morrison-Cover)

M: The Official Secrets Act (LP, 1980)
Official Secrets (UK #64)

P.S.: Vielen Dank, altes Funkhaus!