Soul Rebel.

Charles Imperial Sugarhand Reichelt spielt Soulmusik.

Neu, halbneu, wiederveröffentlicht, wiederentdeckt, querverbunden, nachgespielt, heißgeliebt.


Myron & E with The Soul Investigators: Everyday Love

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound: Rouse Yourself

Carl Hall: He'll Never Love You

Carl Hall: Just Like I Told You

Little Ann: Sweep It Out In The Shed

Little Ann: What Should I Do?

Wayne Cochran: Little Bitty Pretty One

Wayne Cochran: Which One Should I Choose?

2Pac: Something 2 Die For (Interlude)

Minnie Riperton: Inside My Love

Astro Raph: 2 People

Janelle Monae: Look Into My Eyes

Minnie Riperton: Les Fleurs

Astro Raph: Legalize Freedom?

2Pac: Me Against The World

Santos: Fairchild

Willie West: Fairchild

The Meltdown: Better Days

Zillanova fest. Cisco Tavares: Suicide

Myron & E: Do It Do It Disco (Extended Unreleased Version)

The Friends Of Distinction: Going In Circles

The Friends Of Distinction: It Don't Matter To Me

The Supremes: It's Time To Break Down

The Supremes: Where Do I Go From Here?

Sam Baker: It's All Over.