Ski to Sea in 120 Minutes: Music from the Pacific Northwest

DJ Vollkasko

Normalerweise braucht man nur sechzig Minuten, um vom Gletscher des Mount Baker runter nach Bellingham am Gestade des Puget-Sunds zu fahren. Aber weil DJ Vollkasko in seiner Sendung vielfältige Musik aus dem gesamten pazifischen Nordwesten der USA spielt, geht er eben über die doppelte Distanz und nimmt euch mit auf eine musikalische Rundreise von Bellingham über Anacortes und Seattle nach Portland, Oregon und zurück.

Normally it takes only sixty minutes to get from the glacier of Mount Baker to the the shores of Puget Sound. But because DJ Vollkasko is playing a great variety of music from the whole Pacific Northwest, he'll simply go twice the distance and take you on an aural roundtrip from Bellingham via Anacortes, Olympia and Seattle to Portland, Oregon, and back.

SoccerMom     Question Bomb
SoccerMom     Summer Days
Manatee Commune    Brush
Camera Cast   Lucky Charm
1985                Unconditional Silver (ethereal bones mix)
Keaton Collective        End Of Times II
Keaton Collective        1800 Pounds Of Fur and Thunder
Sleater-Kinney             Bury Our Friends
Sleater-Kinney             A New Wave
Tacos!               Rocky Theme
Tacos!               Maserati
Dryland             Wilderness of Sin
Dryland             Secondhand Smoke
Minor Plains      Cougar Mountain
Vacationeer      Good Trip
La Luz              Hey Papi [Instrumental]
La Luz              You Disappear
Jenny Don't And The Spurs    Rattlesnakes & Dogs
Jenny Don't And The Spurs    Ladybird
Roselit Bone      From Sun to Sun
Vervex               40 Love
Vervex               Horizon Lines
Eastern Souvenirs          Begin Again
IG88 feat. Jenni Potts     Submerged
NoShoes & JimSquints   Bring the Storm feat. Matt Mattix
Death Cab for Cutie        Good Help (Is So Hard To Find)
Rob Stauffer       Futures
Portland Cello Project featuring Skip von Kuske    Southern Belle [Cover Elliott Smith]
Portland Cello Project featuring Diane Chaplin       Everything Means Nothing To Me [Cover Elliott Smith]
The Lonely Forest            I Don't Want To Live There [Live at The Final Anacortes Show]
The Lonely Forest            Far Outer Banks [Live at The Final Anacortes Show]
The Lonely Forest            We Sing in Time [Live at The Final Anacortes Show]
Needlecraft                      20 Boyfriends (Extra Dirty Mix)
Tyson Ballew                    Garden City Hardcore