Familie Wörner am Start inklusive Töchterchen und vielen bunten Ostereiern,
Moderation: Andreas Wörner

"It ain´t Christmas time, it´s easter. Honey Bunny. And I ain´t the saviour you so desperately need. And you won´t be saved by saving me" - Pearson

- Bloom
- Lotus Flower

- Savage Night At The Opera
- Chinatown

- You See Everything
- Especially Me

Ron Sexsmith
- Miracles
- Late Bloomes

Bright Eyes
- Jejune Stars
- One For You, One For Me

J Mascis
- Not Enough
- What Happened

Lucinda Williams
- I Don´t Know How You´re Livin`
- Seeing Black

The Cave Singers
- Black Leaf
- All Land Crabs And Divinity Ghosts
- Distant Sures

Josh T. Pearson
- Sweetheart, I Ain´t Your Christ
- Woman, When I´ve Raised Hell

Bill Callahan
- America
- Riding For The Feeling

Six Organs Of Admittance
- Light Of The Light